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What is Fundo, The New Social Network for Influencers?

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What is Fundo, The New Social Network for Influencers?

with Fundo is truly intuitive. Users will be able to decide to attend workshops, talks or concerts online and, in addition, enjoy certain privileges, such as  Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List speaking directly with the artist!

Everything is in the hands of those who create the event,  since they can control the price of the tickets,

In addition,  hosts can offer exclusive content directed only to followers subscribed to their YouTube paid channel.

This application can be used on both mobile phones and computers.

How does Fundo work?

What is Fundo, the new social network for influencers?

Fundo is a social network created by Google itself and designed for influencers and youtubers . It describes itself as a virtual photo booth,  an analogy that refers to those encounters between artists and their fans,

As we have mentioned before,

What types of events can be held at Fundo?

one-to-one chat,  Meet & Greet and workshops.

We explain how they work.

Chat one to one

As the term itself indicates,  fans have the ability to speak directly to the host, be it an influencer, company, or another personality.

The formula is very exclusive,  so of the three options, this is surely the format that most allows to increase value and monetization.

Meet & Greet

In the face-to-face format we already know this type of event. However, as a result of the pandemic and the emergence of other platforms, such as Twitch mobile lead

And it is that in this way more people can attend and have the possibility of meeting,  albeit virtually, their favorite influencer or content creator.

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