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What is a strategic marketing plan and how to do it

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What is a strategic marketing plan and how to do it

If you are at the forefront of a company’s marketing strategy, you may have faced the problem of where to direct your efforts. A strategic marketing plan tries to solve just that, and in this post I explain how to do it .

Strategic marketing plan: what is it?

If you are looking for a definition, I will say that the strategic marketing plan is a document which must detail the goals of your company, what marketing activities have been carried out and which implement plan, how investment accounts and resources, etc. .

You will adjust your marketing strategy to the environment in which you operate. angola mining companies email list

You will improve the internal communication of your company.
Your actions will be carried out in a more coordinated way.
You will clarify those responsible and timings.
There will be a higher ROI or return on investment.

Phases of a strategic marketing plan

In this section I am going to tell you about the 6 parts.

that make up a strategic marketing plan and.

information that each one should contain . Keep reading!

1. Situational analysis

This would be the most theoretical part, in which we must angola mining companies email list collect as much information as possible about the company , the sector, the context and the actions that have been carried out so far.

Internal analisis:

  • History of the company.
  • Actions already carried out and results.
  • Strengths and weaknesses.
  • Work capacity and budget.

External analysis:

  • Context of the sector.
  • Economic and social context.
  • Competence.
  • Opportunities and threats.

In addition, each company is different, so you should think about the relevant data for your specific situation . The information you gather is essential to better address your marketing strategy.

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2. Objectives

Once you have clear the key information of your company, you must keep in mind what your goal is.

This goal must be reflected in the form of an objective. You can have several objectives, but it would be good if you did not focus on more than 2 or 3 at a time, since you would lose focus and it would not be good for your business. Remember it!

These objectives can be generic:

  • Improve the branding of my business.
  • Increase sales.

But then you will have to segment them into specific objectives, such as:

  • Improve the branding of my business.
    • Increase fans on Facebook.
    • Increase sales.
      • Improve visits to product pages.
      • Sell ​​more units per cart.

It would even be good if you specified these objectives even more, and gave them a number and a temporality :

  • Improve the branding of my business.
    • Increase Facebook fans by 40% compared to last year. sales.
      • Improve visits to product pages by 10% compared to last year.
      • Sell ​​more units per cart: increase the shopping cart to 2.5 units in one year.

Thus, you will have well-defined goals that you can follow and, above all, analyze to see if they are being achieved. Give it a try and tell me in the comment section!

strategic marketing plan

Tactics are the most concrete marketing actions that define the strategies discussed above . Mobilelead It’s time to take action! Thus, based on the aforementioned objectives, actions should be specified to achieve them:

  • Improve the branding of my business.
    • Increase Facebook fans: Facebook Ads campaigns, share funny images, make viral videos …
    • Increase direct traffic to my website: increase my presence in social networks, advertising
    • etc. so that they know us more
      • Improve visits to product pages: work on the SEO of product pages, share on social networks individually …
      • Sell ​​more units per cart: work cross purchases or related …
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Obviously, all this you will have to detail much more. but this would be the starting point for you to see an example. Let’s keep going!

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