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Tips to better present your marketing reports

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Tips to better present your marketing reports

Part of the process of developing marketing strategies is the delivery of results for brands or clients, all marketing professionals must present their numbers through reports that help demonstrate the value of the work they are doing, that is why in This time we will see some tips so that you can present better reports to the interested parties in the organization where you work.

According to Social Media Today, these are some tips that can be followed to improve as marketers when generating reports of the actions that are launched for brands or companies:

Choose the right services

By visualizing the performance numbers, you are doing yourself and your clients a huge favor by doing this. In this way, you not only help to better Burkina Faso Email List understand the effectiveness of the work, you can also have a new perspective.

By compiling the numbers it may, for example, be possible to see which efforts are paying off and which others need to be scrapped.

Choosing the reporting tool is key in this process. If you’re not looking for anything fancy, you can manually collect the data from each channel and present it in Power Point or Keynote slides. However, it must be considered that this will consume a considerable amount of time and will leave a margin that can be wide for calculation errors or other types.

Includes relevant metrics and elements

When you’re creating marketing reports, try to find a balance between covering everything that is needed and omitting irrelevant information. While there is no general rule of thumb for this, most marketing reports contain elements such as:

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Title: Regardless of what is being analyzed, the title of the report should reflect this, especially if the information is shared with people who are not familiar with marketing.

Period from which the information comes: You must select mobile lead a period of time that the report will open, it can be weeks, months, quarters or even years.

Summary: The summary includes all key information, eg achievements, bad deeds. You can even add the results, such as the number of new clients obtained.

Context and insights: Finally, context and insights must be provided by sharing current results with past performance. Here you must also add the current obstacles to overcome.
Break down the channels

Finally, a general description of each marketing channel that is being operated must be provided. In this part the different spaces must be considered and all the vital metrics must be placed.

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