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The best gifts for a marketer at Christmas this 2020

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The best gifts for a marketer at Christmas this 2020

Last year, the Erratum platform showed that Mexico is the country with the highest annual increase in spending at Christmas; with an occupancy of 48 percent of the available family or personal budget, between December 2017 and the same month of 2018. The previous year it was 34 percent.

This year, the budget is even tighter, but with the huge difference that there are more spirits to share, in the face of a distance between loved ones, to prevent Germany Email List infections. Christmas is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, with a view to the end of 2020 being something, perhaps the only thing, good in the midst of the contingency.

The marketers have been planning their strategies for months and by now they are starring in the media, but they also deserve to be pampered with gifts, but we know that it is very complex to please them, given so much knowledge of the industries and because basically they have invented everything that is known. is consuming today as trending, but there are articles that can make you very happy.

With the help of technology, the miracle of Christmas is fulfilled!
Under Armor face shield
The multinational design and sports equipment, Under Armor, presented the UA Sports mask, a reusable, breathable and water-resistant sports mask for athletes, in training with considerable impact. While experts decide whether or not people should wear face masks, athletes require protection to train indoors or outdoors and Under Armor is the brand that will take advantage of this area of ​​opportunity. According to athletes, it is the best option among sports masks and the strategy behind this product is a plus for the marketer.

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To Coca Cola
If we are guided by the traditionally applauded strategies especially at Christmas, then Coca-Cola must be on the list and the good news is that a simple bottle can make the marketer happy. The brand launched the bow bottle, a special edition of Coca-Cola Original that allows you to transform a 600 ml bottle into a Christmas gift, thanks to the fact that the label on the bottle can instantly become a Christmas bow mobile lead. This special edition will be available during November and December in Mexico City.

Something from Nike
It will be good to have something of the brand that with its marketing has managed to displace luxury brands among the most desired in the world. According to the results compiled by Lyst, the global platform that analyzes the shopping and search habits of more than 9 million users on a monthly basis, for the first time this list is not headed by luxury brands, such as the most desired brands. Nike’s position is due to the fact that during the last quarter the brand grew 106% in demand. Consumers consumed Nike to due to the search for comfortable or sportswear, due to the confinement. In addition, the results of this analysis can reflect the change in consumption, globally, as e-commerce gained position in a scaling and important way.

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