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Taco Bell launches an app to give away tacos, even for Christmas

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Taco Bell launches an app to give away tacos, even for Christmas

If there is one thing that Taco Bell is catching up with, it is with marketing, implementing strategies that are attractive to customers with jokes, but quite realistic in practice. In the midst of the contingency they have executed a new one, taking advantage of e-commerce and for this they launch an app to give away tacos.

The brand is establishing an e-gifting function ahead of the holiday rush, looking to woo consumers who want to send friends and family Philippines Email List comfort food and personalized messages as gifts. This is a service on their website and app that allows customers to send people gift tacos all year long, now and even as a Christmas gift.

It has been developed by the hand of the Deutsche LA agency, the Taco Gifted will be a permanent offer. Users select a GIF, enter the name of the intended taco recipient, and write a custom message. After paying, they can send a link to their recipient via text message, email, or direct message on social platforms. The first 10,000 people who tried the service received free tacos.

The App Store needs more games
To add more excitement around, Taco Bell will be providing seasonal wrapping paper on orders for a limited time, to encourage loyalty and e-commerce.

Digital sales accounted for 30 percent of Yum Brands restaurants’ total sales mix during the second quarter of the year, representing $ 3.5 billion.

Taco Bell posted an 8 percent drop in sales, which is why the brand has recently run similar promotions that aim to cater to a confined audience.

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Great executions
Other Taco Bell strategies this year have stood out, such as a hotel in Palm Springs, California, which it renovated to reflect different aspects of its brand, nicknamed “The Bell.” an experience that attracted attention online thanks to its ingenuity as influences and fans uploaded posts about their stays.

Another example is that for Cisco de Mayo, I created an At Home Taco Bar that allows consumers to recreate their favorite menu items from the mobile lead comfort of their kitchen. Meal kits were available through con tactless delivery and service.

In general, all restaurant brand experiences have shifted their focus to online channels and from smartphones. to meet safety demands related to the health crisis and a growing consumer preference for takeout and home delivery.

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