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Results of Inbound Marketing in the Professional Services Sector

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Results of Inbound Marketing in the Professional Services Sector

The data on 2020 in particular is very interesting to analyze because it demonstrates the enormous capacity of inbound marketing to bring Croatia Email Address benefits to companies even in times of crisis .

And,  in the case of professional services businesses, they faced the challenge of trying to attract clients for a whole year in which the hiring of these services fell in decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, thanks to inbound marketing, professional service providers were able to improve their demand generation levels in their respective markets.

In this context of the new normal, EIM21 has shown that inbound marketing strategies can help professional services companies

Therefore, downloading and knowing in detail the results of the Inbound Marketing Study 2021 is something that will allow professional services companies to discover what kind of benefits they can obtain when implementing inbound marketing strategies.

Analysis methodology of the Inbound Marketing Study

Results of inbound marketing 2021 in the professional services sector

The EIM21 includes 2 different categories of results obtained by professional services companies, and each category has its own temporality. There are the results of the organic inbound marketing strategies achieved from 2017 to 2020, and there are the results of the advertising campaigns obtained in both 2019 and 2020.


The EIM21 analyzes the results of a total of 67 companies, belonging to 11 different sectors and divided by business models (B2B and B2C). Regarding the professional services sector, the analyzed sample was of 18 companies.


The metrics used in EIM21 to analyze the results of inbound marketing in professional services companies were the following:

Metrics on organic strategies:

  1. Visits to the website.
    • Total visits (organic + paid + others).
    • Only organic visits.
  2. User registrations to leads.
    • Total records (organic + paid + others).
    • Organic only records.
  3. Total MQLs (organic + paid).
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Metrics on advertising campaigns:

  1. Average monthly investment.
  2. Cost per lead.
  3. Lead to MQL conversion rate.

Results of inbound marketing applied to professional services

Next, we will show you the results obtained by professional services companies in terms of attracting visits mobile lead capturing records  implementing inbound marketing strategies combined with specially designed methodologies by Inbound Cycle.

  • The totals are the sum of the results obtained through organic channels, payment channels, social networks, referrals, direct, among others.
  • The organic are only those results obtained through organic channels, mainly by of the contents of the blogs.

On the other hand, at the end of this article we also show you the  That is, those that were obtained through , which consists of the execution of paid advertising campaigns in order to accelerate the results of inbound marketing in professional services projects.

Results of attracting visits in professional services companies

professional services companies managed to have went from more than 71,000 visits in the first semester to more than 3 million in the eighth semester .

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