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Proffer alerts again for Internet: people continue to buy non-existent flights

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Proffer alerts again for Internet: people continue to buy non-existent flights

It seems that not everyone has found out that Internet is canceling flights because it is inactive and complaints about buying non-existent flights continue to reach the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Proffer), which no longer knows how to notify that they should not be buying tickets from the airline ,

Internet has closed its offices temporarily and its operations are on hold for at least five consecutive days, after it has been in serious trouble for some time Indonesia Email Lists. CNBC data reveal that around the world hundreds of airlines are at risk of bankruptcy. In fact, it is estimated that around 43 companies worldwide in the airline sector have completely stopped operations due to the contingency.

In Mexico, the surprising numbers suggest that Solaris remains the main airline in the country by number of passengers, with a flow of 1.2 million passengers that represents 75 percent of the users served in October 2019. In general, all of them are being recovering, but the one that does not see an end to its problems is Internet, which has a real crisis with an indicator of 33 thousand 425 passengers and even without international operations, it maintains a fall of 97 percent compared to 2019.

However, people continue to do business with the firm and that is why Profeco has had to launch at least two alerts in this regard, the last one, through a statement, where the agency again alerted users to make purchases with Internet.

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“According to the provider itself, its offices are temporarily closed until further notice,” the document revealed, while noting a significant reduction in Internet’s air fleet, recurring flight cancellations and failure to pay compensation. .

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The recent cancellation of Internet airline flights affected 3,756 passengers and generated complaints against the airline, according to the instance. Due to the cancellation of 62 flights in recent days due to “operational needs”, Proffer registered 69 consultations to affected consumers.

As the cancellations are attributable to the airline, affected consumers can request the company, in accordance with the Civil Aviation Law, to refund the price of the ticket or the proportion that corresponds to the unrealized mobile lead part of the trip, in addition to granting compensation that it will not be less than 25 poly percent of the price of the trip and they can also ask the airline “substitute transportation on the first available flight and provide food in accordance with the waiting time that mediates until boarding on another flight; accommodation in a hotel at the airport or in the city when an overnight stay is required and, in the latter case, ground transportation to and from the airport ”.

In addition, the date of the flight can be changed according to the convenience of the passenger to the same destination, in addition to a compensation of 25 percent of the ticket price or the unrealized part of the trip.

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