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OXXO already has a pet: wins with dog adoption in one of its stores

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OXXO already has a pet: wins with dog adoption in one of its stores

OXXO employees adopted a dog and decorated their home with the same store colors and even added the logo for customers to identify.

His name is Michigan and his photos went viral after Facebook user Miguel A’s Alfredo shared them on the social network. According to the story, the little dog was in that Oxxo store since they began to build it and they thought that later he would leave. However, they were surprised when it was inaugurated, because the dog was still there and did not plan to move from that place, so they decided to speak with the owners of the branch to adopt it as a pet Georgia Email List and fortunately they accepted.

In the images you can see the dog resting outside the store, while the positive comments about it delve into the publication, which adds to its brand reputation. According to Massive Caller, Mexicans make their daily minor purchases in corner stores, specifically 74 percent; but followed by 17.8 percent in OXXO, 3.6 percent in Extra; 2.5 percent at the 7-Eleven and 2 percent at Circle K.

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This case recalls what happened with a puppy and Hyundai, when social media users applauded the brand’s reaction to a furry dog mobile lead. The story that is told on the platforms is that a canine roamed a Hyundai dealership in Brazil daily as if he were going to the office during business hours, so finally the team that works there decided to make him part of the team.

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“Hyundai Motor Brasil lives up to its pet friendly motto, we are family pets. So much so that the Prime Hyundai dealership adopted a good official for dog: meet Tucson Prime, who has already won co-workers and customers with his sympathy, ”revealed users of the platforms.

Being pet friendly is a fundamental measure of brands, especially for the new generations.

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