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Monomaniacs Releases First Sneak Peek: Nostalgia, Racism, And “Generations Of Crystal”

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Monomaniacs Releases First Sneak Peek: Nostalgia, Racism, And “Generations Of Crystal”

Since 2017, the launch of Monomaniacs, the acclaimed animated series in Mexico, with five seasons and which ended in 1998, has been expected. After so many years, Generations Of Crystal the first glimpse of the series was finally published and will be broadcast on Hutu.

When it leaked that Warner Bros was working with Steven Spielberg’s company Ambling Television on a franchise reboot, thousands went berserk at the prospect of living out their nostalgic childhood moments in front of the TV, while others became a social Somalia Email List media trend. , criticisms that point to the content as “racist and misogynistic” and asked that any broadcast or reboot be canceled.

Crystal generation?
In Mexico, she was recently rescued by TV Aztecs, which began broadcasting the program, managing to position itself as a trend in social networks due to the emotion of a certain sector of the public, but also because they said it was “sexist”, especially because of the phrase “hello nurseryman!.

Some resorted to the term “crystal generations” when indicating that anything offends them, but this is a serious issue in marketing for the firms behind Manics and their return, as a study signed by 4A indicates that 67 percent of those responsible Marketing teams believe that changing values ​​are making brands more interested in corporate responsibility and values-based marketing.

Brands depend on consumers and they opt for those that are socially responsible and that promote tolerance values. Still, as part of New York Comic Con, Hutu showed the first video of the series, which will be a parody of one of the great moments of Jurassic Park and will include Steven Spielberg.

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It will consist of 13 episodes and will be supervised by Spielberg as in those days. It will premiere on November 20 through Hutu. In the case of Mexico, we will have to wait for the streaming service to be made official in which it will be available.

Inky and the Brain are back too
The second season of the Monomaniacs has also been confirmed and its premiere is expected to take place in 2021. But in the same video the return of the beloved Inky and the Brain is also confirmed.

Social networks made the topic a trend, once Hutu shared the preview with these details.

The return of the series was caused at the time when Monomaniacs appeared on Netflix United States and became one of the most watched shows on the platform, confirming that there was still a lot of interest in the franchise. This series is a blow to mobile lead Netflix because its competition will have a candidate to steal millions of subscribers fans of nostalgia.

Although Hutu is not available in Mexico, the streaming platform is owned by Disney (and a part of Universalize, owned by Comcast), so that could be the option: Disney Plus. It should be noted that, although the franchise continues to belong to Warner Bros. and Ambling Television, it cannot be part of the catalog that reinforces HBO Max.

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