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Medical Advances in Telemedicine Accelerating Expansion of eHealth Services

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Medical Advances in Telemedicine Accelerating Expansion of eHealth Services

Medical advances in recent years have had as a common factor the intensive use of technology, accelerating the development of solutions in eHealth or telemedicine. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines telemedicine as the provision of services by health professionals, combining information and communication technologies (ICT) and where distance is a critical factor

Medical technology continues to bring innovations against Alzheimer’s. Among the medical advances this year stands out the development of a blood test that identifies distinctive signs of this disease.
Artificial intelligence applied to cancer diagnostics s.

Decentralization of health services thanks to eHealth, digital transformation and mobile technologies.
Medicine tailored to the patient and precision medicine , Nigerian Email List supported by big data , biosensors and artificial intelligence.

Telemedicine and eHealth: accelerating medical advances associated with healthcare

Medical Advances in Telemedicine Accelerating Expansion of eHealth Services

Telemedicine as a medical advance has transformed the industry.

virtualization of health care
The massive acceleration in the use of telehealth has improved access to online healthcare . This translates into greater interaction between patients, healthcare personnel, and healthcare providers.

Not surprisingly, reports from McKinsey & Co indicate a 50 to 175-fold increase in the volume of telehealth patients,

The COVID-19 pandemic has required health systems to exceed their actual physical capacity. Being a supervening situation, for which we were not prepared, telemedicine as a medical advance raises new healthcare approaches.

In this way, the patient can take medical care with him through health

Expectations for 2021 and for the next few years

Clinical records on secure interconnected platforms with optimized visualization for mobile devices. mobile lead This facilitates collaboration in health services, even in different countries.

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Data analytics techniques applied to the processing of large volumes of healthcare and medical data. In this way, data is consolidated, transforming it into useful information and indicators for decision-making.
Growth in the development of products and services associated with digital health . This includes:
Medical technology for remote monitoring that already benefits patients with epileptic seizures and heart conditions

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