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Low prices and one-click reach: online shopping support

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Low prices and one-click reach: online shopping support

Faced with a new model in the consumer profile, the satisfaction of buying in the store (41 percent) and a more personal experience (38) continue to drive customers to buy in the store.
Low prices have become the main driver of sales for e commerce
For a long time it has been a sector that, thanks to the offers, has positioned itself as the most important to attend to.
The ease of shopping also stands out among the points to attend to in this sector

Buying online is the most comfortable way to acquire our products, this method became particularly important during this time of confinement, when having to protect ourselves at home, purchases went to the plane of ones and zeroes Barbados Email Address. The online shopping is a way to buy that can be done anytime and anywhere that has a network connection, the above hand low prices, have proved to be a competitive model that has kept booming to e commerce.

But what for some it is synonymous with comfort , for others it is an important lack since they cannot conceive of buying something without having previously seen or touched it, without creating a context in a physical establishment with a seller or reference person.

Two different shopping experiences that may complement and resemble each other, but each one has its advantages and good reasons to carry it out. Buying from home is an advantage for many who prefer convenience, but the price that must be paid is the lack of contact with the product that many of those who prefer to buy in physical establishments do not assume.

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Low prices within the reach of a click is what the new consumer is looking for
Store shopping satisfaction (41 percent) and a more personal experience (38) continue to drive customers to store shopping, while convenience (48) and cheaper prices (38) are the main drivers of Internet purchases, according to a study carried out by UPS in collaboration with YouGov in January after surveying consumers in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Analysis of consumer behavior in the last 18 months
The same study, which could well be transferred to the markets in America, shows that, for example, in Spain comfort (50 percent), good offers (50 percent) and the variety of supply (49) predominate as factors key that drive Spaniards to a transition towards online shopping. But this is not just a local phenomenon but a global trend.

The results show a 50 percent increase in consumers who say they will make “all” or “most” of their purchases over the Internet once the restrictions have been lifted. At the same time, 40 percent say they intend to buy “everything” or “almost everything” in the store once the restrictions are lifted, which represents a decrease of 26 percent compared to the time mobile lead before the pandemic. . Consumers are changing and this new profile is a key point to address in the face of the much-mentioned new normal.

If a comparison is made between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic shopping preferences, expectations of buying “everything” or “almost everything” in the store fell 14 percent, from 54 to 40, as detailed in the statistical work already quoted.

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The pandemic has accelerated digital shopping trends in an unprecedented way. As the market becomes more competitive for e commerce companies, differentiation, through personalized customer services, will be even more essential for those looking to stand out. Understanding consumer priorities and expectations for online shopping is a vital part of our mission to deliver what matters to retailers and consumers alike.


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