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Logo Design and its Fundamental Aspects

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Logo Design and its Fundamental Aspects

Brands find in the logo and visual identity an important element to be placed in the preference or at least in the focus of attention of the audiences and consumers.

Logo, isotope, sociology and other elements make up that essential part that allows the brand to be identified,  Fundamental Aspects Fundamental Aspects below are eight steps that you must Sudan Email Database follow so that this element is really effective in its design and also in the message it has to express.

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How to design the perfect logo
For the process of creating and developing a logo or visual identity to truly reflect the spirit and characteristics of the brand, body or character in question, Fundamental Aspects it will be necessary to carry out the steps listed below.

With the bases, objectives and scope to be achieved with the logo design.

Creative environment
Know your competition, the prevailing trends and the creative resources you have.

With the proofs of color, shape, image of the logo proposals.

Typographic font
The logo must contain a font that can be read, understood and evoked.

Color palette selection
Colors help reinforce the brand’s message, don’t use more than two or three.

It is carried out in conjunction with the client to adjust criteria and improve the design project.

The design is tested in different sizes in digital, print and other media.

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Even when the design is formally launched, there should be monitoring of its impact and possible changes.

And never forget the minimum aspects that should characterize a successful logo:

That the essential visual message is understood
That can increase or decrease its size
That can be observed in different supports
That is distinguished from afar
That can be simply remembered
It offers solidity, confidence and stability, evokes masculine forms and symbolizes strength, which is why many established companies often resort to their figure.

Provides a sense of stability if two vertices of the triangle are placed in the lower part of a visual composition, while the third vertex can generate an mobile lead image of progress or mouth towards another stage that, if directed upwards or to the right, is positive; if this vertex is directed downwards or to the left, it can generate thoughts rather of reverses.

Flow campaign, by Studio Hands

Psychologically, the circle is capable of referring to the origin of things and other forms, which is why it is usually used to refer to the beginning of stories and the sense of the global.

It is usually associated with the connection that exists between things and as a symbol of progress, communication and collaboration between different entities. This action is performed by the letter S in the following example.

Generates a sense of transcendence and excellence thanks to the path that is followed through a trajectory that represents stories and resonance.

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