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Jobs of the future: the most in-demand skills and competencies in tech jobs

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Jobs of the future: the most in-demand skills and competencies in tech jobs

Everything is going faster and faster thanks to technology. And not even the labor market is saved from this .  We propose you to review the technological skills and key technological competencies in the jobs of tomorrow.

Precisely, the European Commission has calculated that the labor market  Artificial intelligence, SEO, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Deep Learning, Blockchain . And those professionals must have certain technological and non-technological skills to carry out their work

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Tech Skills for the Jobs of the Future

Jobs of the future: the most in-demand skills and competencies in tech jobs

At the end of 2020, the World Economic Forum presented a report entitled The Future of Jobs Report . In Spanish, Future Jobs Report . The 163-page document analyzes and tries to anticipate what the job market will be like and what the jobs of the future will look like a few years from now based on trends if we take a look back.

Some are generic: analytical thinking, active learning, critical thinking, creativity, initiative, leadership, resilience, problem solving… To a large extent, these are what experts today call soft skills .  And every time they ask for more.

Fundación Telefónica has the answer and gives it to us in a very graphic way with the help of its

Professions and technology skills

Jobs of the future that have already existed for years. From there, he has extracted the most requested skills in those job offers from sectors that demand digital professions .

Two programming languages ​​such as Java and JavaScript .

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The first focused on any platform. The second, specialized in web development and programming.

Cloud computing.  . Its purpose, the development of mobile applications and web applications, version control, etc.

This is the case of Google Analytics, Qlik or Power BI , in data analysis, Apache Hive or PySpark in Big Data, mobile lead Amazon Web Services, Cloudera or Microsoft Azure in Cloud Computing,

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