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If your brand has not used short videos in its eCommerce strategy, it is doing it wrong

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If your brand has not used short videos in its eCommerce strategy, it is doing it wrong

The progress of eCommerce in the last months of the pandemic has been undeniable. It has not only allowed brands like Bacardi to modernize their sales techniques. It has also made customers’ buying habits shift more towards the digital environment. And while there are still some confidence issues, this is a hugely rising trend.

With this context, it is crucial that brands dedicate themselves to betting on techniques that increase their level of sales in eCommerce Malaysia Email List. Cloud ways says creating unique selling propositions is recommended, while Word stream suggests implementing techniques like testimonials. But Liker assures that short videos are the best sales strategy, for four reasons:

Short videos generate real and deep connections in eCommerce
Despite being a relatively modern sales system, many brands still promote their eCommerce sites through traditional strategies. For example, both campaigns and video spots, static ads, etc. These types of tools, even if they are effective in some aspects, fail to connect effectively with consumers.

Like other types of content, short videos are much more authentic and original than conventional advertising. Specifically in the eCommerce sector, it allows establishing a series of real and deep connections with the audience. And in this sense, it is much easier to get the audience to trust online stores and be encouraged to make a transaction.

In supermarkets and physical points of sale, brands rely heavily on users seeing new products to encourage an unplanned purchase. In this sense, the packaging and position of goods has a considerable impact on how likely it is that someone will discover a new brand. In eCommerce there are equivalent, but different phenomena.

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Discovery purchases can also be given in e-commerce, but these can be given more through content. Short videos, in this sense, are a very useful way to promote a brand. They are not only easy to share and consume. In addition, if they are placed in the right place and user, they can cause a substantial purchase for businesses.

They allow to cement storytelling around eCommerce
All brands know that telling a story is the easiest way to convey a business idea or message to audiences. Not only does it make it that much easier to remember and turn into a sale. It also helps to comment on the relationship between the brand and consumers. This principle also applies to eCommerce, and it is especially compatible with short videos.

Through these content or live broadcasts, brands in this sector can have constant interaction with users. Not only that, but eCommerce businesses can encourage their followers to create short videos using their products and services. These types of testimonials help to develop a much more authentic image of the brand.

Build relationships with new young consumers
Needless to say, the millennial and Z generations are among the most valuable to brands. They not only have a greater innate taste for eCommerce, compared mobile lead to their predecessors. In addition, working to develop a loyal relationship with them can ensure a frequent customer for several years. However, they have proven to be a remarkably difficult population to target.

But if there’s one thing younger shoppers have shown, it’s that they love short videos. Thus, eCommerce has a golden opportunity to connect with all these audiences with the use of this type of content. Of course, the type of themes with which they connect in a more authentic and organic way must also be taken into account.

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