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How to improve your positioning with links

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How to improve your positioning with links

There is a lot of talk about links in SEO, but very little is known about them. First of all and so that the concepts are clear, we are going to begin to organize ideas and learn a little more about what is going on in everything that refers to links.

What is a Link?
Links are used to establish relationships between two resources . Although most links link web pages, we can also link other resources such as images, documents or files.

The incorporation of hypertext has been one of the keys to the success of the HTML language, since it allows us to create interactive documents that provide additional information when requested 土耳其电话号码表. There are infinite types of links, here you have a good summary of all of them. But this time we are going to focus on the links that we can or should find in a blog, depending on the connection point they point to.

Internal Links
What are they?
Internal links are hyperlinks that go from one page on a domain to another page on the same domain . That is, links that point to another page or section within the same website or blog.

What are they for?
Help Google. These links are very useful for search engines, spiders jump from one internal link to another, more easily crawling our site and understanding its architecture.

Usability Of course they are also highly recommended for the user experience. The ideal scenario is that a user reaches a specific article on our blog and through internal links we will propose related topics and expand the information.

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They decrease the bounce rate. Our user behavior data will improve thanks to internal links. We manage to retain the user for a longer time browsing our site, which will translate into an increase in page views and average time per visit. And it will decrease the bounce rate.

Information. At the SEO level, internal links also serve to indicate to search engines that a specific page or content is important to us. If many pages of your blog link to the same site, Google understands that this is important for you or your business.

Distribute traffic and notoriety. They can help us generate more traffic to a section or page that is not very visited. Linking a page or article of great notoriety and popularity that receives a lot of traffic to another that has less.

What are they?
Inbound links are hyperlinks that point to our blog / website from any domain other than ours. Experience tells us that inbound links are better valued by search engines. They understand that they are more difficult links to manipulate.

What are they for?
First of all, we must be clear that it is not worth just having inbound links, these links must be of quality, relevant, from different domains and above all natural 移动线索. The well-known “domain diversity” the more quality domains that link us, the better. 8 links to a page of your blog from the same domain will not position better. However, 8 links to the same page from different domains (always quality, this is very important), will give you greater popularity and therefore improve your positions. And how do I know if a link is of quality? There are several indicators that search engines take into account to determine the value of inbound links. Some of these parameters are:

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The trust of the domain.
The popularity of the page.
The relevance of the content between the source page and the landing page.

There are many tools such as Majestic , Rushmore or Ah refs among others, which return much of this information about a specific website. Either ours or our competition. In summary. Inbound links are primarily used to help us improve positions and increase awareness. Helping us to always keep the content optimized. No matter how many quality sites link us, if the bounce rate is high Google understands that we are taking a lot of traffic but the content is not optimized or is not of quality, because users leave and finally our positions will lower.

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