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5 tools to bring your prototypes to life

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5 tools to bring your prototypes to life

If you are immersed in the design of an application and you want to know how you can bring your prototype to life, here I compile 5 tools that may be useful to make your application known to the client and what is the experience when navigating through the different screens.

It is important, when we start a project, that the first step is to establish a hierarchy in the information , and the content and transfer it visually so that the client can understand it and get an idea of ​​how it will be structured in the future.

There are many tools on the market for this . They are tools that allow you to preview how the web or the application will look through the interaction 泰国电话号码表 between screens or mock-ups so that a fairly realistic result of how the web browsing and its different sections will be achieved is achieved.

Here is my selection:

Framer Studio

If you want your clients to not only see what a project is going to look like but also want them to know what it feels like to navigate through it, this is your tool. Of course, it is better that you master some JavaScript or Coffee Script since although it provides you with the code of the basic animations, if you have never worked with this type of language, it will be more difficult to achieve good results.

Even so, I encourage you to try it, especially if in your project you have a good percentage of time dedicated to studying the user experience.

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You can download framers to download and install the application on your computer, the application, which is free, and thus access all the resources and see some examples of results using this tool.

In vision

This tool, which I have already mentioned in the post 9 tools that every designer should know , has led to a revolution in the market for tools not only for prototyping but also for managing a project in general, from the mock-up creation phases to that everything is ready to start development.

The value that distinguishes it from other tools is that it is very intuitive both for the designer who is using it and for the client.

Among some of its features is that it allows you to share and comment on a project in real time with the client , so that feedback comes faster and clearer and processes are streamlined. It also allows you to manage the versions of your projects by synchronizing your .pad files with the application so that it is very easy not to get lost in the network of folders and layers of our files.

The trial version lets you try up to five projects. If your volume of web projects is remarkable, it is worth creating a paid account since when you start using it you will realize that it gives you a value that your projects probably did not have before. It has a trial version. You can create an account in incision and test it.


If what you are designing is an application, with Protozoic you can emulate the most popular mobile devices 移动线索. When prototyping the application allows you to do it wire frame style or in real display mode.

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Once we have all the design of the application done, we can visualize the app to see how it works .

The advantage: that in this case it is not necessary to write a line of code and also the applications can be designed for both iOS and Android. We just have to choose the device we want to use in development, then Protozoic will show you a graphical interface that matches that device.

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