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8 simple tips for brands on Instagram

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8 simple tips for brands on Instagram

We talk a lot about Instagram , we all think it is a simple social network, without much fuss, which makes it so interesting. Getting started is very easy, publishing is very simple, however, when we talk about results, things change. When we work on strategies with brands on Instagram, getting followers, getting notoriety, is not as simple as it may seem a prior.

It is true that one of the main problems of this search for gold on Instagram is the great lack of measurement tools that allow you a faster / more efficient 阿尔巴尼亚电话号码表 analysis of the content. By the way, I’m assuming that photos, the main and only asset of your profile, are good, interesting, attractive (and this is taking a lot for granted).

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Use hashtags
We have said it by active and passive, it is not about using 300 hashtags, it uses 2–3 hashtags chosen intelligently. Do not stop using them, if you want your brand to achieve visibility, the first way is this. Think that the vast majority of users use the search for photos with hashtags, especially those that are not trite .

Frequency versus volume
Be careful with the frequency of publication. Measure the changes that the profile experiences when you go from publishing 1 photo a week to 2, when you go from publishing 1 a day to 2, etc. Be careful with this, measure to ensure that you are not annoying your followers.

And key in the frequency not publish at the same time. If you have to post multiple photos in a day, space them so that at least 3 hours pass between one photo and another. Even so, it is not advisable to go crazy for many followers we have, we must analyze engagement ratios to assess how much we are doing and if we are passing, otherwise, it will seem that everything works.

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graphic marks posts

Faces better than landscapes
Users are people, and as people, they want to connect with people. That said, the more personal 移动线索 the profile is, the more engagement it will get.

Smart content
It is clear that here each of us write what we want. However, when it comes to a brand, with a defined strategy, we have to work on the correct content, at the correct time, in the correct format. This means, for example, putting a photo of a beach bar and a beer in the middle of August. Logic. Common sense. Your fans are on vacation, this is not the time for Einstein quotes (or yes).

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