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How to Define Your Digital Marketing KPIs

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How to Define Your Digital Marketing KPIs

KPI and digital marketing are concepts that go hand in hand and that we have talked about more than once. However,  Albania Email List the passage from theory to practice is sometimes not so easy and doubts arise when you are faced with the definition of digital marketing KPIs or have to make decisions related to them, such as those related to the number of necessary indicators.

Well, in this post we are going to try to solve them all and find a direct, applicable and very effective approach so that you can, as soon as possible, enjoy the benefits of working with metrics and finish completing your vision of digital marketing thanks to the perspective that they give you the indicators.

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Why do I need digital marketing KPIs?

How to define your digital marketing KPIs

  • They allow you to measure the performance of a process.

In the realm of digital marketing, KPIs are values ​​that marketing teams use to measure the performance of their campaigns .

Since many tools are used in digital marketing and there is a lot of information available, tracking results can be complicated and time-consuming.

Many times what is known as “paralysis by analysis” occurs, a situation in which no decision is made due to the overwhelming amount of data and information available, which ends up slowing down the taking of action.

Indicators make it easier to be clear about the objectives pursued by digital marketing actions and measure their success based on those values. In addition, they carry two important advantages:

  • They allow you to align all the team’s efforts in the same direction.
  • They make it easy to  determine when you need to make adjustments to your strategy.
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KPI in digital marketing

In digital marketing, most KPIs are usually related to a conversion , which we can define as “some action of value that a user performs with our company”.

When it comes to conversion, mobilelead  the most common is that it refers to a purchase; however, there are many other types of conversion :

  • A record
  • One download
  • A reservation

Every business is a world, and you know better than anyone what constitutes a valuable stock on your website. Therefore, when determining what to measure, you must identify quantifiable metrics that are related to the overall objectives of your company , as we have mentioned before.

Most likely it is about sales if your company is an ecommerce, or leads if your business is a B2B. It could also be the case that you are in a launch stage and what you are looking for is greater exposure to generate brand awareness .

But there are some metrics and KPIs that don’t interest you, and you shouldn’t waste your time on . These are the following:

  1. You should avoid considering KPIs all those metrics that are out of your control  because, although it may be interesting to measure them anyway, it makes no sense to consider them digital marketing KPIs if it is not possible to impact your result.

Finally, do not forget that, in order to set good KPIs, it is good practice to try to follow the SMART philosophy . This philosophy tries to fulfill the following principles in your KPIs:

  • Specific: they should be concrete and specific KPIs. For example: instead of visits, organic visits to our product page.
  • Measurable: they should be easily measurable or quantifiable. For example: instead of engagement, average time on page per visit.
  • Achievable: they should be achievable, yet challenging. For example: instead of 2 million followers, 2,000 followers.
  • Relevant: they should have a relevant impact on the business. For example: instead of video views on our YouTube channel, customer conversions on our landing page.
  • Time-bound: they should be related to a time horizon. For example: instead of sales, sales for the first quarter of 2018.
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