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How to access games before the release date

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How to access games before the release date

Although we live in an interconnected world in which borders are, or should be, increasingly blurred, today we still encounter virtual impediments or barriers that have to do with the lines that were once drawn on a map . But with a VPN connection, you can avoid these virtual limitations. At least on the Internet.

A VPN or VPN connection is a tool that you have heard a lot about lately. The reason is that security firms have not long been betting on this solution to protect you on the Internet and thus prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands. Especially if you access the Internet from a public WiFi.

Due to the nature of the VPN, in addition to being great security and privacy solution, it also offers a good outlet if you have problems accessing certain online services wherever you are due to geoblocks. And this also affects the video game sector, both on PC and mobile devices.

Then you can access the official store of your mobile platform as if you were doing it from another country or territory. You may have to create an account for that country. Just like you created the main account you use every day. Saudi Arabia Email List With that account you can download or buy the game you want ahead of time.

What is a VPN connection and what is it for?

How to access games before the release date

I’ll be quick. A VPN or VPN connection is an intermediary between your connected device and the Internet service you want to access. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, Virtual Private Network in Castilian. If you connect to the Internet through a VPN, it acts as a virtual barrier. And like any server, it can be located in different corners of the planet.

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As it is an intermediate server located in different geographical locations, it protects your Internet access. For example, if the service you are accessing tries to know about your device, it will get the data from the VPN connection instead. Yours will remain anonymous.

And if you access a VPN connection from another country, you can access content or services blocked in your country or territory. This includes web pages, videos or video platforms, or game releases. The good news is that there are VPN connection services for smartphones, so you can configure one on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and thus access the Google Play or App Store of the country where the game is already published. VPN providers make it very easy for you since with their official application you only have to follow a few simple instructions.

Access games through a VPN

In recent years, games have been launched frequently in certain countries or markets on a trial basis. Either to see the reception of the public or to test the game servers in the case of online games. The fact is that it is increasingly common for certain video games for PCs or smartphones to appear in some countries before others.

If you live in that country, you are in luck and you will be among the first to try that game. If not, you will have to wait for the game to be released in your territory. Or you can also try your luck with the VPN connection. By selecting the VPN server of the graceful country, you will have access to that game. This is common on Steam, It is also common to find games limited to specific countries on mobile platforms such as iOS, iPad, and Android. Mobile games are typically released in advance in certain countries, such as Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, and then a worldwide release is made.

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one of the most popular online video game stores for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Sometimes there are games that appear first in a certain country. If you access Steam through a VPN connection, you will see that game available. For this, you will have to buy the game or reserve it. Then, activate the VPN with a server located in the territory where the game is already published. You will also have to change the country of Steam in its Settings. After closing and reopening, you can download the game, mobile lead install it, and start playing.

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