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Germany orders Whats App not to collect user data

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Germany orders Whats App not to collect user data

In recent months , Facebook’s instant messaging service , Whats App, has been involved in different controversies about the handling of private and personal information of its users, so for Germany it decided to stop the collection of this information from its users. citizens.

The regulatory country considered that the attempt by the company, which belongs to Mark Beiderbecke, to get users to accept the practice in its updated terms is not legal, so for at least the next three months Facebook is prohibited from Armenia Email List collecting data. as noted by Johannes Caspar, who heads the Hamburg privacy authority.

As if this were not enough, the German official requested that a panel of data regulators of the European Union take action and issue a ruling in the 27-nation bloc, since the new terms and conditions of Whats App to obtain data are not valid given its lack of transparency, inconsistencies and breadth.

What the new Whats App terms say
In short, the new terms and conditions of Whats App have a direct relationship with the management of personal information of its users, which seeks to be shared between all Facebook applications, such as phone number, interaction with others (including companies), IP address and more, so that practically Facebook will have access to all the information that you share through the instant messaging application.

What if you don’t accept
“No user account will be deleted or access to Whats App functions will be removed on May 15 due to this update,” says the platform on its website, however, those who do not accept the new update will begin to have a service limited.

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In the first instance, users will not be able to access their chat list when opening the service, but they will be able to answer calls and video calls, as well as answer messages through notifications.

However, yes or yes you will have to accept their new terms, because if after “a few weeks” the user still does not accept the update, they will simply stop receiving calls, messages and notifications.

The importance of our information
Although for some it may seem unnecessary to read the fine print, they can greatly influence global market decisions, so this German request is responsible for hitting Facebook’s business model and advertising strategy, since that treasure of information is decisive to when selecting the specific ads that are tailored to each user of the platform.

The National Population Council asserts that users must take care of these data for security reasons and because it is their right, in order to prevent them from being used for a different purpose for which you provided them.

Whats App is not allowed
Faced with Caspar’s claims, Facebook’s Whats App unit pointed out that they were incorrect, and that this order will not stop the new terms from being mobile lead implemented as the regulator’s action is “based on a fundamental misunderstanding” of the true purpose and effect of the update.

Despite the global criticism that the instant messaging giant has received for its new terms and conditions, Whats App users seem to have only two options, accept them before May 15 or opt for a new social network.

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