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From Home to Office, Should I Change My Connection If I Telecommute?

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From Home to Office, Should I Change My Connection If I Telecommute?

Working from home was practically impossible a few years ago. But with the pandemic we have learned many things. One of them is that our computers and the internet speed of our connections allow you to work from home with some comfort . Replacing the office for your home address just requires good equipment and the right type of connection. One question you can ask yourself is, should I increase the internet speed?

In Spain, 100 Mbps broadband coverage covers 88% of the population. With that bandwidth, it is possible to make video calls, send files at high speed or make a phone call over the Internet while someone is playing online in another room and / or watching Netflix or Movistar + content. All simultaneously. They Chad Email Address can even telecommute two or more people at the same time. But each home is a world.

should I change my connection if I telecommute?

Increase internet speed – connection type
Movistar, for example, offers symmetric fiber of at least 300 Mbps. And if you want more, you can also hire an Internet speed of up to 600 Mbps. Perfect for a connected home where you work but also enjoy other services such as internet television, online game, etc. Choosing one option or another will depend on how many of you are at home and how you use the connection. If you do not have fiber coverage, Movistar provides you with an Internet connection via ADSL or Internet Radio. Internet speed with ADSL is a maximum of 20 Mb .

Thanks to your Movistar Router you have a broadband connection between 300 Mbps and 600 Mbps to be distributed among all the connected devices in your home. Either via Ethernet, with up to four inputs available, or via WiFi using two simultaneous WiFi points . One of 5 GHz for the maximum possible speed over short distances and another of 2.4 GHz for maximum coverage no matter where you connect from the house. In addition, you can manage the devices connected to your Movistar Router from your smartphone with the Smart WiFi application .

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what From home to office, should I change my connection if I telecommute?

The same is true if you are forced to use internal online tools . Depending on the technical deployment of your company, it is difficult for it to keep up with giants like Google, Amazon or Apple that can offer online services and applications that respond in a matter of milliseconds.

Increasing the speed of the Internet is a good resource if you are going to work remotely simultaneously with other people. Also if your work requires constant use of the Internet to, for example, send large files at high speed, such as batches of images, videos or other types of files, be connected via video call, etc. For less demanding tasks such as surfing the web, using online applications, sending messages or emails and much more, current broadband connections, starting at 100 Mbps, are sufficient.

On the other hand, Movistar offers its Merger clients or mobile contract lines the free Secure Connection service . mobile lead A security tool that prevents malware infections through non

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