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Freelance and How to Project it Properly

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Freelance and How to Project it Properly

Nestle has surprised locals and strangers with the announcement it made today in Mexico. The brand announced the entry into the national market of its new hamburger.

It is the Awesome Burger brand, a vegetarian burger without GMOs (genetically modified organism) that offers 22 grams of protein and is very similar Sri Lanka Email Database to beef, but is made from silver. Project it Properly Ingredients include pea protein, natural plant extracts, and coconut oil, which give it a distinctive raw appearance that transforms when cooked.

“Currently, the trend of consumption of plant-based products has increased in our country, where one in three Mexicans are avoiding or reducing their meat consumption, Project it Properly either for health reasons, because of their awareness of caring for the environment, for ethics and animal welfare, or for the religion that is required ”, explained Nestle.

And the company had already announced this product in January, but for the Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain, in its 450 restaurants in the United States.

Now it arrives in Mexico and according to its calculations, Cancun, Mexico City, Vernacular, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Plays led Carmen, Puebla and Toucan, are the cities with the greatest increase in gastronomic options for these lifestyles, although it will really reach the entire country.

“Whether they choose foods of plant origin for reasons of health, environmental sustainability or animal welfare, it has been recorded that almost 50 percent of Mexican diners now look for their restaurants to have meat substitution options,” they comment from the company.

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Mexico is one of the markets with the largest number of people who claim to follow a Egalitarian diet, reducing meat consumption, according to the figures. Starting in 2020, forecasts indicate that the trend will grow 37 percent, according to Global Data.

They added that this new product offers operational efficiencies because it lasts 7 times longer than animal protein in refrigeration and twice as long in freezing; In addition, almost 70 percent of the loss is reduced compared to animal protein.

It is worth mentioning that Nestle’s plant-based food sales increased 40 percent in the first half of 2020, after reaching 200 million Swiss francs ($ 215 million) last year.

You are not the first great to enter the business. Burger King announced the meatless version of its Whopper burger in 25 European countries in October. Even Starbucks does.

Even Car gill got into the business: Since pea protein is the main ingredient in most cases, last year it invested $ 100 million in Purus, Beyond Meat’s pea mobile lead supplier. With this contribution, the company will be able to double its production.

In fact, these kinds of changes will come to Nestle brands such as Akita chocolate bars, Gerber baby food and Agenda-Dazes ice cream, according to CTO Stefan Palmer. We even previously reported that Quickness is joining the vegan trend and will have a milk option made entirely from plants with natural ingredients.

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