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Five tips to implement a gift card in your business

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Five tips to implement a gift card in your business

A gift card is an excellent alternative to have cash flow in your business, especially when you have low sales. By offering a gift card to your customers you give them the opportunity to buy “on credit” in your business. This idea can help your clients especially when they don’t know what to give to someone else, like in Christmas exchanges, but they love the products and / or services you sell.

This is how you implement the gift card
You have two options for your clients to acquire a gift card in your business: physical or virtual.
It is important that you choose a fixed amount that is enough to buy something in your business.
This figure should be adjusted to the type Hong Kong Email List of products or services you handle.
Think about your best-selling products and set the amounts of the gift card based on your prices, remember, it must be a closed amount.

In the case of physical gift cards, you must print a certain amount of each one for each amount and put an identifier on them to avoid counterfeiting. You can use a hologram, stamp, folio, or even your handwritten signature. In the case of virtual ones, they are simpler and cheaper, but you must have better control. If you receive payments online this is an option for your business. Just ask for the email and name of who is going to buy it and send the email, once the transaction is approved, you can send them an email with the gift certificate.

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Take into account your accounting as it will be unbalanced between the time you sell a gift certificate and when the client returns to your business to redeem it. You earn an income, but you still do not deliver any product or service, it is like acquiring a debt with your client.

It is recommended that you quantify that income until the gift certificate is redeemed.
A good idea is to separate and identify gift mobile lead cards apart, in this way, said sale will not count towards your income and you will see it reflected as such until it is used, only in this way can it count as a true transaction.

Another advantage of gift certificates is reaching more audience, because if your original client gives it away, another one will go to your business to redeem it and will know your products and / or services.
Usually gift cards give an extra income because people do not only spend the value of the certificate, they also contribute a little more to complete a purchase and consume more.

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