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Evelyn Salado reports proselytizing expenses without starting a campaign, will she be able to connect with the people?

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Evelyn Salado reports proselytizing expenses without starting a campaign, will she be able to connect with the people?

After a great controversy and through a telephone survey, Evelyn Salado, daughter of the former candidate for governor of Guerrero, Felix Salado Macedonia, became part of the group of candidates to take the reins of the aforementioned state. The monetarist, has hardly any experience in public office and now it seems that she has started her path in the face of the elections with the left foot since she has reported expenses for proselytizing acts for more than one million pesos, the problem? his campaign has not yet started.

Evelyn Salado Pained recorded expenses for proselytizing events amounting to one million 37 thousand 795 pesos . Although in the INE records – on the expenses made by the candidates – there is no detail about how these resources were invested, the Institute Belize Email Address would have already established that the candidate has spent more than one million pesos in 89 political events s, according to Zedekiah Lazier , a journalist for Animal Politico.

The campaign of El Toto’s daughter, Felix Salado, will officially begin today in the state where he was last publicly appointed, heading the DIF, in Acapulco, Guerrero. report 89 proselytizing acts.

Evelyn Salado, without strategy, appeals to father’s popularity
If we remember the bases, political marketing are those series of communication strategies carried out by a consultancy or a Marketing professional with the aim of boosting the reputation of a representative or political group, by showing the advantages of their proposals and ideas.

Salado Macedonia’s daughter lacks political training, in fact, the last position she is remembered for is when she headed the DIF in Acapulco, when her father headed the municipality’s mayoralty 14 years ago. So there seems to be little it can offer about connecting with the electorate.

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Since then, it was said that “El Toto” prepared his daughter for a political career, as he used to appear with her at colorful events of the municipal DIF such as the donation of toys, furniture, appliances and construction materials for low-income families in Acapulco .

In recent times the concept of political marketing has become more and more relevant . Political leaders at all levels, parties, areas of government, among others, use this type of tool to understand those they serve and give them what they want and need mobile lead. And what remains for the candidate today is perhaps to appeal to the popularity that her father enjoys as a politician, in addition to the political support of the Monera party that is in power today.

On other occasions we have talked about the importance in the formation of the image of a candidate for public office, transparency in their actions and the promotion of optimal channels of communication with the electorate, a situation that the candidate for governor for Monera seems to have forgotten. Will she be able to correct the path and take the path that leads her to take political office? There is little more than a month to know if the measure was effective or not.

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