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EBay Launches Verification Platform to Prevent Piracy Among so Many Offers

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EBay Launches Verification Platform to Prevent Piracy Among so Many Offers

The Episodic platform revealed that 74 percent of Mexicans are satisfied with the offers available during events such as the Hot Sale and in the world millions of people make purchases in the middle of seasons of offers such as Amazon Prime, but for eBay, they should check if they acquire piracy among so many offers.

The e-commerce platform that competes with Amazon or Mercado Libra, decided to go all out against piracy and especially with one of the products Slovakia Email Address that are most consumed and that have the highest risk of being fake: tennis shoes. So it launched a new tennis authentication service to verify that the shoes sold on the platform match what its ads claim.

According to CNN, the service will begin the week of October 25 and will cover the most popular styles and brands of sneakers. Although it will be until the beginning of 2021 when it expands it to cover all the shoes sold for more than 100 dollars on eBay in the United States. eBay says it sold nearly 6 million pairs of tennis shoes last year.

As with its previously announced watch authentication service, eBay has partnered with a third-party company, Sneaker Con, to authenticate items. When a sale is made, the buyer sends the shoes to an “authentication facility” where they are inspected to make sure they match the title, description and images on the listing. If they pass inspection, an eBay tag is attached to them and shipped to the buyer. The same process covers returns, to prevent unscrupulous buyers from trying to return fake shoes to legitimate sellers.

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Last year, Customs and Border Protection officials seized more than 14,000 fake Nike sent from China to Los Angeles. That is why in the middle of the offers it is essential not only to verify low prices, but also the authenticity of the products.

Amazon, for example, had to open a new unit against this type of crime, made up of federal prosecutors from the United States, experienced investigators and data analysts to closely monitor the products and services offered, detect illicit and bring them before mobile lead the law. justice in case they violate the law or policies by trying to sell fake products in your store.

The portal registers figures as impressive as selling 10 thousand dollars per second, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (The Guardian) and especially on days like this, where it has its special sale of offers.

Other companies have explored technological solutions, but none have managed to completely stop scams with their consumers and it is an opportunity that they cannot miss and that has even become a brand plus, attracting more consumers to the ranks of the site or store who offer it .

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