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Don’t you Know Which Model of Movistar Router you Have? Follow These Steps to Find Out

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Don’t you Know Which Model of Movistar Router you Have? Follow These Steps to Find Out

When you first contract your ADSL or fiber optic with Movistar , the installer is in charge of installing the line and the necessary equipment so that you have access to the Internet, basically the Movistar Router. Depending on the contracted services, you will get a different type of router. What’s more, over the years, the type of router installed changes . Hence, you have seen a different router model in the homes of friends or family. Different equipment for each Internet provider, and each provider with several models at the same time.

At the time of writing, Movistar has two models of Movistar Smart WiFi Router for fiber optics and a router for ADSL line. The first two are the MitraStar HGU GPT-2541GNAC and the Askey HGU RFT3505VW . On the outside they are practically identical. That in fiber optics. In ADSL, the equipment currently installed is the MitraStar DSL-100HN-T1 . In addition, two years ago we were able to see what will be the new type of router for Movistar fiber optic users. Obviously, it supports WiFi 6. But let’s go in parts. Djbouti Email Address

If you have recently had a Movistar router installed or if you have been a Movistar customer for years , how can you find out what type of router you have installed? We tell you several ways to know the model of device you have at home or at the office

which model of Movistar Router you have? Follow these steps to find out

One of the most convenient ways to find out what your router model is is through the Smart WiFi mobile application . You can install it on your phone and manage home connectivity through it.

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As soon as you access the application and enter your Movistar username and password, you will see a map of devices. Those that are connected or have access to your router appear there. In the center of all of them, you will see an icon of a router. Click on it.

Within its file you will see the name and the model, the MAC and the IP address, as well as the name of the firmware. It will also give you the option to restart the router . You will also be able to access the information of the WiFi amplifier you have at home or instructions to install one.

Movistar Router you have? Follow these steps to find out

Don't you know which model of Movistar Router you have? Follow these steps to find out

The sticker itself will give us a clue as to which model you have. By indicating the manufacturer, you can discard the rest of the router models or types provided by Movistar in the past. For example, currently, if you are a fiber optic user, you may have a router manufactured by Askey or by Mitrastar.

In addition, you can differentiate the specific model by its appearance . mobile lead In this link you will find all the current and past models of equipment provided by Movistar to connect to the Internet via fiber optics or ADSL . There you can download the manuals and installation guides for each type of equipment.

But the most exact and practical way to find out which router you have in hand is by consulting its SACE code . You will find it on the label or sticker on the bottom of the router and it is not misleading.

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