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5 tips for your Customer First strategy to be successful

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5 tips for your Customer First strategy to be successful

Although it is not necessary to remember that during the past year and so far, the consumer entered a kind of evolution where he was transformed to be more cautious about what he buys and how he buys it, if it is necessary to make it clear that the strategies used to be Functional and ideal for salespeople have also changed radically in just one year. The confinement established a new paradigm that carried out a purge style where those who prevailed were those who adapted to the new rules of the game imposed largely by the consumer or potential client.

The needs and motivations of people should be the main concern of business, and should be the center to develop their strategies Benin Email Address. And to achieve this, it is very important to be clear about the process carried out by the consumer in your company, which are its stages, interactions, channels and other elements that can be improved to achieve the best possible experience.

The acceleration in the use of new technologies and the rise of eCommerce resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has generated a change in the way companies interact with their users. We are at a time in which it is seeking to concentrate efforts on the integration of strategies focused on the needs and desires of customers, in showing a more empathetic company with the new imposed needs.

Thus, one of the keys to developing sustainable growth is to keep customers very close, knowing exactly what they want and giving it to them, but all from the focus of improving their CX, coupled with a whole DTC methodology so as not to lose detail of each one of the needs.

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The importance of Customer First to obtain results
The Customer First methodology (from English, “the customer first”): it is fundamental in business today and can be defined as a strategy of commitment to the customer in search of a lasting relationship that involves knowing their preferences, interests , attitudes, expectations, habits, among others. To do this, we propose some tips that allow us to arrive at a better strategy focused on putting the customer first.

Anticipate customer needs. Meeting customer needs as quickly as possible, an aspect that has favored the pandemic, has accelerated the demand for new technologies and services, such as the online purchase of fresh produce with delivery or click and collect systems or con tactless payment applications.
A consistent customer experience. It is important not to lose sight of the fact that whether the shopping experience depends entirely on your business or that you have turned to partners -such as last-mile partners, so useful today-, you must always be concerned about providing a uniform experience that allows the client to feel identified.

The culture and training of the employee. Customer-first retailers manage cultural changes internally at the same pace as changes in customer behavior. To do this, they invest in the training of their employees when new technologies or services are implemented and they focus on adequate change management, because they are aware that mobile lead an adequate attitude of employees and partners is, sometimes, more important than the technology itself. to offer a good customer experience.

Data Protection. In the new data economy, organizations that have direct relationships with customers have the ability to establish personalized communications with them. For this reason, for a “customer-first” retailer, the most relevant factor when considering new technologies and services is whether they allow a more direct relationship with the customer through the ownership of the data that that technology or service generates. In addition, they must also worry about ensuring the protection of their customers’ data, especially when there are intermediaries in the service, for example, in the case of online shopping.

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“While it is true that today all retailers are aware of the importance of taking care of their customers, those who are truly” customer first “make decisions aimed at deepening their relationship with them and increasing their loyalty.


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