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In which segments is Artificial Intelligence used the most?

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In which segments is Artificial Intelligence used the most?

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in different sectors. And it is that the fact of implementing new technologies continues to generate value to a company/company because they are being formed as an important component of the marketing and sales process of a brand. Especially since they have become a trend in a large part of users. In other Jordan Mobile Database words, their utility supposes business growth, whatever the business or sector in which they develop. In this way, it is how we highlight Artificial Intelligence, which is driving much of the digital transformation of many industries. In fact, this year, it is estimated to grow 154 percent (according to Edelman Group estimates ), while its progress continues to show how it can develop in varied segments. However, there are also differences.

According to a study carried out by the same company, there is a division in the way in which the general public and specialized executives use Artificial Intelligence. Not too surprisingly, executives are making more use of this technology. For example, executives have greater use of voice assistants, at least 74 percent (9 percent more than most of the general public), so there is still a significant niche that does not consider what it can do with your Brother Cell Phone List implementation through apps for language improvement, for example. In fact, in that sense, many people do not consider the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Although, on the other hand, its usefulness for the management of technology such as drones stands out, where it is used two percent more than in the business sector (48 percent). While it is true that this technology has found a greater boom, it is not something new.

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Although now it finds more space to know the behavior, needs, and problems of a target audience during the purchase process of any product or service. Also, if you want to complete a buying cycle in a more timely manner, cover aspects of how the buyer feels, what expectations they have or what idea they have about a business and what their final thoughts are about it, etc. What is certain is that regardless of the size of a company or the budget it has, Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve algorithms that are in the public domain or machine learning services to generate prediction models based on the behavior of purchase from any user. In this sense, some of the aspects in which AI fosters better knowledge of the customer, according to Smart Insights.

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