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How to create and measure a video marketing strategy in e-commerce?

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How to create and measure a video marketing strategy in e-commerce?

By adding the word ‘video’ in your email marketing strategy, you have the possibility that the open rate will increase by 19 percent. Video marketing is certainly effective for online marketers, as 52 percent of marketers say video has a better ROI than any other type of content. From the Jeff Bullas portal, it is said that videographic material is an excellent way to interact with your buyers before informing them about your products and converting them into paying customers. So in case, you’re totally new to the video marketing game and you’re not quite sure how to get started, here’s how to create and measure an e-commerce video marketing strategy. The Bullas site notes that when it comes to any type of content, you should optimize it to fit the platform; Knowing what type of content works best on each platform will help you create a more effective strategy. An example of the above is the optimal duration of a video on Instagram which is only 26 seconds, while on Facebook, 56 percent of the videos published in the last year do not exceed two minutes. In turn, on YouTube, you have more freedom to create longer videos, while, once again, you do not want to exaggerate things by creating an epic. People’s attention span is short, so you must meet user expectations on each platform you post on.

On YouTube, videos need to be more detailed, while on Instagram you can use the platform to grab people’s attention or quickly promote your products. Four times more customers prefer to watch product videos than read about them; A video on your product page educates a customer about your product by showing what it looks like or how it works. This helps establish more confidence and can bring you closer to more sales. While you may not have time to create a video for each product, consider creating it for your best-selling merchandise, then make Kazakhstan Mobile Database sure the option to play a video is clearly visible to the customer. Among the types of content that are recommended to do are the “how to do it”, or simply show the customer how the product looks in real life. This step will help you increase email open rates since adding the word video to your email subject lines can increase this indicator by 19 percent. To encourage more clicks, do not use a standard static shot as a video image, but experiment with animated GIFs, they are good resources to arouse curiosity. Email marketing is a great way to build relationships with your customers while creating awareness for your latest offers; By linking it to your video marketing, it means that you are duplicating and giving your customers an added incentive to open your emails.

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There are all kinds of videos that you can send by email to your clients, from educational content to fun seasonal thanks, even the famous “behind the scenes” that bring you closer to your clients, as well as those that tell the story of your brand. Don’t forget to personalize your videos and segment your list so that the right videos end up in specific inboxes that bring you closer to success. For example, you can send product videos to specific customers who have already shown interest in particular merchandise.SEO is not something that Brother Cell Phone List someone got involved in e-commerce for, but it is essential if you want to achieve greater visibility on Google, as well as being a fundamental part of your video marketing strategy.YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and Google uses videos as ranking factors; To make your videos easier to discover, you need to cover the basics of SEO. This means adding keywords to the titles, tags as well as descriptions, as well as the names of your video files. If you decide to publish your videos on YouTube, you should make sure to add a link to your store in the first line of text of your description in addition to other relevant links.

Lastly, the Bullas site argues that the campaign must be continually measured to see how effective it is. There are some key metrics that you should measure, starting with the view count, yes, each platform counts views a little differently. On Facebook, a video has been seen if the user spends more than 3 seconds of their attention, while on YouTube, a view is only counted if the user has remained more than 30 seconds. Similarly, view speed is another key metric because it shows you how long someone has engaged with your video. If the watch rate is low, it means that your content is simply not attractive enough to keep someone until the end, so a good rule of thumb is to keep your content short. A third metric is click-through rate, which is how the effectiveness of a call to action is measured in convincing people to visit another page.

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