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Consumers find Chico Kris pis packaging without Melvin and regret his departure

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Consumers find Chico Kris pis packaging without Melvin and regret his departure

The image shows the version of the Chico Kris pis packaging without Melvin, simply with the cereal and the brand’s logo as the protagonist, which for some is sad, but that had previously been reported as part of the new regulations established in Mexico.

Recall that the Official Gazette of the Federation published an ultimatum imposed by the Law for brands that have pets or characters in their packaging, such as Poncho Pant era, Mitosis Bimbo, Tiger Toto, Plato Pascal and Lula, Transitory, the clown of the Dubai Email Database Clown Palette, Melvin the Elephant, the Toucan from Frost Loops and Chester Cheetos will disappear from the labels.

The new regulations, which cover frontal labeling for food and non-alcoholic beverages, contemplate that in five years these “pets” will be completely eradicated, although the CDMX Secretary of the Environment expects that at the beginning of the year work will also be carried out. so that the packaging also begins to be made with raw materials much more environmentally friendly.

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The responses to the image give the reason for the regulations, by showing how powerful the characters can be and to impact the generations so much that they “mourn” their departure from the cereal boxes.

Comments appear such as: “And Sam the toucan and Aunt Rosa and everyone Disguised face Disguised face Disguised face even though I feel that we mobile lead should rather educate children and educate ourselves … to make healthier and above all balanced choices” or “I think this was already seen come… (I keep the beautiful memory of the Melvin that I met) ”.

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This connection is the one that brands have long taken advantage of in marketing and that now the new regulations seek to avoid for the new generations, as part of the promotion of healthy eating, which adds to the warning stamps when food is unhealthy. .

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