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Campaign Starring Brad Pitt Goes Viral Because of How he Looks

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Campaign Starring Brad Pitt Goes Viral Because of How he Looks

As strategists it is important to comply with the bases of the conversion funnel. Any strategy finally seeks that likes, comments, leads, everything, Viral Because leads to converting, and these probabilities are enhanced thanks to the influence of certain ambassadors, especially when you can pay someone like the international actor Brad Pitt.

William Bradley Pitt, known as Brad Pitt, is an American actor and film producer, known throughout the world for his privileged physique and for his talent in the industry.

As part of its first quality, this afternoon an advertising campaign starring said celebrity went viral, to the surprise of social network users, who this South Korea Email Address weekend vitalized the spot of the Italian fashion firm Briton, a line that sells men’s suits luxury, and presenting its spring / summer collection.

Being a commercial for said season, the commercial appeared in the first quarter of the year, but until now it has caused a furor on social networks, paying attention to the publication of users who took up the images to the surprise of some when they found out that the interpreter He is 56 years old and he looks “exaggeratedly handsome.”

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In this clip, Pitt poses in a clip made in gray scale, wearing some of the suits on a rooftop in Los Angeles, United States, prior to his 57th birthday, a situation that will occur at the end of this 2020.

The topic is a trend and the publications do not stop arriving with praise and surprise in between, which in the end has made thousands know the brand, at least those who did not have it in mind, until they saw this video:

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Brad Pitt, a true influencer. Pitt is a guaranteed celebrity influencer, although he represents an investment that not everyone can afford, but who in the end can grant something like what was seen today: international echo.

The influences have become a high – risk investment because the brand can be associated with them and then repent, as has happened with mobile lead controversial cases, but in the case of figures so positioned and real celebrities for their work, as Brad Pitt, the brands bet without a doubt.

This same year, influencer marketing will be worth $ 10 billion, according to Statistic. A study by the World Federations of Advertisers revealed that celebrity influences account for 28 percent of annual influencer spending.

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