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The best thing that could happen to marketing is personalization and these 5 paths lead you to it

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The best thing that could happen to marketing is personalization and these 5 paths lead you to it

With the arrival of Big Data, collecting data is not the problem, but knowing how to choose the most useful strategies, for this there is customization. With the arrival of Big Data, collecting data is not the problem, but knowing how to choose which are the most useful for strategies, according to the profile of the advertiser. From this, personalization is the best thing that could happen to the market. Professionals began looking for paths that would lead to it. During 2015, a third of advertisers in the United States considered that personalized Cameroon Mobile Database marketing campaigns were very effective and with good measurements, being mobile devices where the greatest number of campaigns was concentrated, according to Episerver. Recent research by Neustar indicates that 60 percent of customers have had some change in the identity they provided online a couple of years ago and changed offline, for example, moving, changing their phone number, email address. -mail, new job, etc., therefore, it is important to keep up to date in this regard and look for how to get to personalization precisely.

The first path that leads to it, according to figures from Evergage and Researchscape, is e-mail, which leads the list among the most used channels for this purpose, with 77 percent, followed by websites, with 52 percent, mobile apps, with 31 percent and web application, with 24 percent. It is known as proximity marketing and consists of using intelligent transmission technology to place ads according to geographical location in front of consumers on their mobile devices, thus generating local advertising. In markets such as France, mobile geolocation Brother Cell Phone List was a tool that achieved greater demand a couple of years ago, within the segment of consumers between 18 and 24 years old, followed by another segment (47 percent) between 25 and 39 years old, according to CRÉDOC. One of the main allies of strategies is artificial intelligence for personalization purposes. According to data from Adobe Systems, one of the main reasons to use it in the industry is that it improves performance indicators. Another strategically is the recommendation engines used by companies such as Spotify or Netflix, with which the consumer buying process is transformed, by helping them learn about products or services that companies think they will like.

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These work through collaborative filtering in which they collect and analyze data sets on behaviors, activities or preferences, to venture into and predict the products or services of the consumer’s taste. They work to personalize the recommendations, but they have the great challenge of hitting what the customer can actually consume in their next purchase. It’s like data-driven luck, but in the end, it has the challenge of being successful. Programmatic marketing forms a platform to connect marketers with the world’s media supply; that is, through the necessary software and technology, the purchase and placement of ads are automated and optimized in real-time. According to figures from the specialized portal, Statista, by 2019 the investment in programmatic advertising will amount to 67 percent in the world. However, the great challenge of this practice is not to incur in cases like the advertising boycott of 2017, where more than 300 advertisers withdrew their advertising from YouTube and Google, other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, where the brands were related delicate subjects.

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