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5 types of visual content that you should use on Twitter

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5 types of visual content that you should use on Twitter

Using this mechanism will increase your participation and will result in 35 percent more retweets as well as 18 percent more clicks on Twitter. Visual content turns out to be a great way to stand out, in the end, less stream of 280-character messages that appear on Twitter, with an overall rate of 6,000 posts per second, indicates the Jeff Bullas portal. So using this mechanism will not only help you get double the vertical space on the timeline, but it will increase your participation and result in 35 percent more retweets as well as 18 percent more clicks. .So it is not a bad way to be seen, heard, and remembered; However, like other social networks, Twitter began to move in the direction of promoting visual content, your image probably competes with hundreds of other images. In that case, you may want to update the image by combining it with text. This will force users to scroll slowly, as it will take them a few more seconds to read the message on your image.

Previously, the creation of such visual content required going to professional designers, however, currently there are free applications such as Content Creator to be able to generate this type of material. Here are five ideas for things you can and should Tweet. When the content you are tweeting is important but not for the image, you can make it attractive by sharing some of that material visually. It can be a title for your blog, an interesting statement from an article, or a quote from an interview. Bullas’s blog argues that presenting powerfully, such tweets Cayman-Islands Mobile Database can encourage viewers to verify or retweet all content, thereby extending its reach. So you should ensure that your text is short and direct, as well as that the background image is not too busy or distracting. Remember to stick to two sources and only choose three if necessary. In case you want to turn potentially non-enveloping and lengthy information into an engaging experience that can be easily digested, you must take data and make it visual. This type of information is very convincing as it contributes to the feeling that by doing something you are not alone, but that you are part of a much larger group that shares the same experience.

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When designing graphics, make the most of your brand colors, as their constant use will help viewers to instantly recognize your company in the middle of other content. Even, says Bullas, Twitter encourages color consistency. To make sure your online or in-store promotion information reaches your audience, remind yourself with social media. Create focus and make your message stand out by leaving plenty of white space around it. It will give your design some breathing room and significantly improve the readability of your message. Apply the font Brother Cell Phone List hierarchy principle and make words like. The remaining text should be simple, clean, and easy to read, but always you can use a burst of bright colors to highlight your visual appearance in a subtle way. If you find yourself in a line of work that requires people to make a purchase, using existing customer testimonials and turning them into quotes will give you credibility, as well as show the real benefits of your product to others. The simplest design for this type of budget includes a part of the statement as well as a photo of a person or your product.

Put the messages in a simple background and write them at least partially with fonts from the script family, as they add a touch of personality and friendliness to the message. The example that Jeff Bullas’ portal uses to explain this step is the message posted by Hootsuite on his Twitter profile. “Hootsuite, f ** k you ** king Ul.” With this type of surprise facts, the publications become successful since they have above-average results each time they are used.In this way you can shake the audience that is used to a certain tone or content of your publications, capture their attention and make them stop scrolling. Once they stop, they are very likely to click or even retweet.

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