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The 5 P’s of social media marketing that the CM should know

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The 5 P’s of social media marketing that the CM should know

In the world of “traditional” marketing, the concept of the marketing mix or the 4 P’s is more than known, that combination of factors that, as revealed by the Toggl firm, can be controlled by brands or companies to influence purchasing decisions. of consumers. However, did you know that in the world of social networks there is a similar concept? It is about the 5 P’s of marketing in social networks, elements that a brand can manage in this space to achieve results, and that here we are going to present you so that you can understand and develop them better. It is a concept that can help all CMs and marketers to solve the many problems that can be experienced in this space. What are the 5 Ps of social media marketing? According to information shared by the Branex firm, any brand that is experiencing problems when working with social networks, in aspects such as generating engagement with their publications and obtaining results, should not lose sight of the 5 Ps of marketing. In social networks, these mark the correct path to follow to adequately develop the task:

The first of these P’s of social media marketing, the plan or planning is about setting goals through planning and creating a social media strategy that allows you to achieve them. Here, social media professionals will be in charge of deciding how to measure success and what tools or technologies will be used for it, and of course, the actions to be implemented. Without a good plan, it is unlikely that results will be achieved in the current scenario of social networks, the idea is to be able to provide relevant high-quality content that triggers engagement Ghana Mobile Database with the audience, that establishes trust towards the brand and that, by Consequently, they drive the business numbers. A good plan to develop social media marketing should consider aspects such as the analysis of the current situation, the analysis of the website, the analysis of social platforms, the planning and design of content, the identification of KPIs and objectives, and the generation contingency actions, among others. The second “P” of social media marketing, production refers specifically to the task within the plan that has to do with content creation. As you can imagine, to achieve good results, the team in charge of this space must take on the task of producing content that resonates with the target audience (also previously identified thanks to planning).

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Such content can leverage elements such as storytelling or high-quality visuals to have a better effect. Unfortunately, content production is a task that can encounter multiple barriers, so it is recommended that when starting up this point, it has elements such as a strategic content production process where the necessary elements are dressed, the process is documented. , several pieces are developed and all the content produced is distributed on a calendar. Remember that content is king and as such, it can take time to create it so that it is endowed with Brother Cell Phone List the quality and relevance necessary to generate a good impact on the audience. As the third of these P’s of social media marketing is the publication. At this point, it should be noted that depending on the target audience and the goals, it must be decided which platforms (of those previously analyzed in the planning process) are the most appropriate to publish the content.In addition, this is the section where aspects such as the best time to launch the publications must be decided, remember that each social network and each community has different behaviors, so a general approach cannot be taken for all actions. If good results are expected, work should be done at the most opportune moments, which is why all the planning and production of the content to be shared is previously carried out.

This is where having a content calendar can greatly help you develop a better job as a social media professional. As the fourth “P” of marketing in social networks or fourth step (if you want to see it that way) is the promotion, once the contents of the brand have been published on the different social network platforms, the professional of this space must dedicate to the promotion of the contents, for this it can resort to various methods, for example, the leverage of the advertising guideline or the promotion of the contents in other spaces or channels that the brand has. Remember that nowadays it is more difficult to get social media posts to have good visibility and reach, especially on Facebook where the algorithm now prioritizes people’s content and leaves page posts in the background, If they have not taken on the task of managing a participatory community with good levels of engagement, it is almost a fact that brands must be forced to pay to be present in this space.

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