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The best countries in Latin America to watch Netflix

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The best countries in Latin America to watch Netflix

Netflix has been the leading company in the launch of content since 1997. This means that, with just over two decades in the market, the platform – now digital – has become a leader in the entertainment sector, due to a series of different actions that are worth highlighting. In fact, today, Netflix is ​​positioned as the world leader among Internet entertainment services, with more than 130 million members in just over 190 countries. Compared to its closest Germany Mobile Database competitor (Amazon), which has close to 100 million users and promotes different entertainment formats (such as original content and the payment of licenses for some TV shows and movies), Netflix is ​​giving different shots of business reality. In fact, its power has transcended the digital sector, since only this year Rome, a film made for the platform, made history by becoming the first of its kind after having won different awards in different ceremonies focused on content, such as the Golden Globes Awards or the Oscar Awards.

Enjoying series, documentaries and movies have never been easier. Although the business model of companies such as Blockbuster allowed the rental of content through physical formats, since Netflix came to implement the streaming video service through the Internet, the landscape changed completely. Now it is found all over the world and users can see everything they want, when they want, anywhere (due to the rise of the multi-screen) and Brother Cell Phone List without the need to be connected to the Internet (thanks to the download implement contents). In addition, the pattern of action that marked the perspective of the audience for the way of viewing content on the Internet was the absence of advertising. Users see an added value within this platform: the fact of not having commercials that interrupt what they are watching makes them have a better bond with the video streaming company best of all, it uses one of the most widely adopted media today: the Internet (4.312 billion users, according to Internet World Stats ).

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Now, according to Statista, Netflix publishes the “ ISP Speed ​​Index ” monthly, an index that records the Internet speed used in each country when playing content at different times, especially when there is a higher level of the audience. In addition, this ranking includes the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with the best performance when using this service. For example, in Mexico, the dominant is the company Total Play.Thus, in Latin America, Chile is the Latin American country in which ISPs offered the most effective service to view Netflix content, with an average speed of 3.75 megabits per second (Mbps). In addition, the Chilean fiber-optic service Entel obtained first place in the ranking of Latin American operators, with 4.67 Mbps. This country is followed by Trinidad and Tobago, with 3.6 Mbps; Peru 3.49 Mbps; Mexico 3.46 Mbps, and Panama 3.45 Mbps to complete the Top 5 of the countries with the best Internet service to view content.

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