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Mobile data: in which apps and segments is it used the most?

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Mobile data: in which apps and segments is it used the most?

The mobile Internet has grown in exacerbated numbers; consequently, the number of consumers as well. Having a mobile data plan has become a priority in different regions, as current users looking for a way to be connected in a scheme similar to 24/7. And this has even been reflected in Mexico. Mobile devices are presented as the technology with the highest penetration nationwide. For example, until 2017, 82.5 percent of Mexican users had contracted a data Turkey Mobile Database plan for their smartphone or mobile device. According to figures from the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI), three out of every four cell phone users have a smartphone, which represents 76 percent of the population. Naturally, due to technological expansion, diversification in digital matters becomes essential. In order to meet different needs and approach different consumer profiles, brands promote interaction through spaces that are closer to users.

In this case, the use of mobile devices and the promotion of digital actions. Currently, mobile data is shown as a measure that allows understanding the interaction between users and brands through digital platforms and mobile devices. And the segment continues to grow more and more. According to Cisco, in Latin America, there is a projection that will climb to 2 million 78 thousand terabytes of mobile data use by 2020. This pattern explains the growth of Brother Cell Phone List of electronic commerce or the rise in the use of social networks to have a greater pattern of action with brands, at the digital level. This becomes an opportunity to discover trends and have a better opportunity to communicate with audiences: smartphones, tablets, the growth of the IoT, everything is connected. For its part, Sandvine’s 2019 Mobile Internet Report shows in which type of apps and segments the greatest amount of mobile data is allocated by users. The use of applications in the world is a trend.

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According to the aforementioned report, there is an installed base of more than 2.5 billion mobile data subscribers worldwide. The most important asset of a mobile operator lies in how it is providing its service network to users. This understanding drives an entire business strategy: investments, plans and services, product launches, and technology strategies. Without an overview, mobile operators are only in the uncertainty of having the best practices that can get them where they want to be: the business pinnacle. In fact, many mobile data plans already consider that they can meet the needs of users since they have noticed that social networks are the main priority and mechanism that can give them a better experience.

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