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Tips to develop email marketing for millennials

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Tips to develop email marketing for millennials

Email is a channel that for years has proven to be highly effective for companies, not only as a space for communication but also as a tool for the development of campaigns, therefore, continuing to use it can be considered crucial. As we have mentioned before, this can provide an even better return on investment than what other spaces offer, such as social networks. For companies looking to focus on the newer generations, such as millennials, it can also be of great help, believing that it is an outdated space could be a mistake, in fact, the information referred by WordStreamindicates that up to 73 percent of members of the millennial generation identify email as the preferred channel for communication with businesses. Therefore, this time we share some tips to properly implement email marketing for millennials. How to develop email marketing for millennials? According to MarketingProfs, brands that seek to reach millennials through email marketing actions must bear in mind the following key points:

As a starting point to develop email marketing for millennials, the use of Google’s AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages stands out, these, although initially thought to be the work scheme to make mobile pages faster, have now become an opportunity to make email experiences more interactive and actionable. Being a creation of Google, AMPs go better hand in hand with Gmail, with them users can complete tasks directly in their mail, that is, the need to leave the inboxes is eliminated. Thanks to AMPs, users can take actions such as making reservations, making appointments, filling out questionnaires, among other things. In general, terms, working Uganda Mobile Database with this technology makes digital life easier for millennials, which can increase interaction with the brand and improve the effectiveness of marketing actions. The less time it takes these consumers to have to follow links or change apps to generate the actions you expect, the better things will be for brands. Currently, according to a report from the Litmus firm referred to by MarketingProfs, a third of marketers are willing to leverage AMPs.The second point to consider to develop email marketing for millennials properly is personalization. Millennials respond better to personalized content as they are in a constant search for more authentic experiences as consumers.

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By taking this approach with content within email marketing, companies can better determine whether people are opening the messages that are being sent to them or whether they are being dismissed like everyone else. Remember that personalization is an aspect that covers different aspects, in the case of email, sections such as the subject line are also involved. Did you know that placing the name of the recipient of the message, and making it understood that the message is only for this person, can better capture people’s attention and generate more sales? If millennials receive more personalized and relevant messages, the chances that they feel Brother Cell Phone List more connected to and loyal to brands will be greater. As highlighted by a study referred by Forbes, 70 percent of millennials do not care much that brands track their buying and browsing behaviors if it is to receive more personalized communications, that is, there is a good opportunity to develop personalization of communications and campaigns. In the case of email marketing for millennials, the phrase “less is more” applies very well, these consumers prefer to receive fewer messages but better adjusted to their behaviors. As a third recommendation to implement email marketing for millennials well, storytelling should be considered.

Unlike the older generations, which are guided more by the price and quality of the products, for the millennials the reputation of the seller and the perception that exists around the brand is more important, they are particularly concerned if the brands are socially responsible, these consumers are more likely to pay attention to the stories that the brand tells and the values ​​it has, therefore, personalizing the brand using email can be very appropriate to connect with these people. In email marketing campaigns, it is recommended that brands make their ethical behaviors clear and reflect their social actions that are generating an impact. Doing so will cause them to become more relevant to this generation. Make sure you promote the company’s actions, whether it is taking eco-friendly actions, treating workers ethically, or other actions. Personalizing the history of the brand in this way represents a good impulse to better connect with the millennial public, so if you still do not have anything regarding the social responsibility section, it is ideal that you start working on it to be able to tell better stories with your brand.

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