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5 tactics to improve organic growth in social networks

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5 tactics to improve organic growth in social networks

These days, it has become more difficult to build an organic growth strategy on social media. At least one really effective one. The truth is that the most used platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, have been in the digital market for at least a decade (with Facebook more, since 2006 anyone over 13 has been allowed to become a registered user). In short, it seems that nothing is new anymore. However, this is not to say that it is impossible. If something characterizes social networks, it is that they are always in constant change. The disappearance of the organic scope and the effectiveness of the contents is something that many, indicate, has disappeared from these spaces. But they are not, they are still a useful tool to increase brand Tunisia Mobile Database awareness and companies alike. It is a fact that social media is constantly changing and evolving, so, certainly, different methods and actions will still be available to reach the audience and improve their response to what they promote. It is not surprising to learn that some brands achieve success with their organic strategies. The reason? Despite the time that has passed, the transience of social media continues to be an important trend for billions of users. According to WeAreSocial’s 2019 digital data report, at least 3.4 billion people in the world are active users of digital platforms. In regions such as North America and Northern Europe, Internet penetration is more important, reaching a point of 95 percent.

Therefore, it is still important to highlight what can be achieved with this medium. In fact, yesterday, the World Wide Web turned 30 years old and its role in different industries has been a blow that can be capitalized on. Up to now, there are more than 4.3 billion Internet users. On average, its connection range is 6 hours 42 minutes, and the best thing is that the navigation is done from different devices. Although it may seem overwhelming to act in this way, thanks to the response that the trend has had, it makes it an urgent need. It is no longer optional. However, organic growth makes it a means of conflict for many companies today. Platforms such as Brother Cell Phone List as Facebook has their own advertising section, which also includes a segment to make the community grow. According to Sprout Social, 93 percent of businesses use this section for promotion. Instagram is its closest competitor, at 24 percent. Until the beginning of 2018, Facebook reported revenues of 9.16 billion dollars, with a probability of growth of 47 percent in the future. Therefore, the pattern is the one that dominates. However, you can still act organically. According to SocialBakers, these are the most effective moves: People use social media to entertain and interact. A brand cannot make content without knowing who it is trying to talk to. That’s the main point, understand the target audience segments and understand it. The purpose of a brand is for people to recognize a brand, through an emotional connection in the process.A brand is more than a logo and slogan. If organic activity is to be effective, creating specific content, beyond the brand, is the first point that you have to work on.

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In that sense, not only do you need to convey the traditional aspects of a brand, but you also need to pay attention to the tone of voice. Each interaction with a user is part of the personality and, therefore, will be part of what makes a business stand out from its competitors. Once you know who you are producing content for, the next thing to do is commit to offering an offer relevant to your audience regularly. The key here is what the audience expects: quality material. For this reason, you must invest in the content process, whether it is written articles, videos, or graphics, it is vital. Even if you need to buy specific equipment, having an investment in content production always helps. The data does not lie, but the interpretation does. That does not mean that it is complicated. The ideal is to familiarize yourself with the metrics that arise from social networks and follow them to have different points of reference on what a brand can do. For example, Facebook allows you to export information from the page, providing data. However, it is best to have a social media management tool, since it generally has specific sections to obtain data and reports on publications on different platforms.A very common mistake on company and business pages is that they talk exclusively about themselves. Organic social networks should be just that: social; and nobody wants to talk to someone who only talks about himself.

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