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YouTube surrenders to Netflix and Amazon

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YouTube surrenders to Netflix and Amazon

YouTube will play it safe, with the estimated $ 15 billion in ad sales it generated last year. Netflix has more than 100 million users globally, according to the latest figures from JPMorgan.Read: What are challenger brands and why are they winning in marketing? Bloomberg revealed a few days ago that Amazon has been testing beta ads on Apple Inc.’s iOS platform for several months and with a similar product for Google’s Android platform because China Mobile Database intends to get fully into video ads. In this segment, Google leads the market, but with the movement of its “now rival,” its share would drop to 37.2 percent when previously it was 38.2 percent. That will only be known when Amazon finally reveals its strategy, but meanwhile, Google tried to shrink a part of Amazon’s market when it invested in the content through YouTube .Dramas and comedies high level compared with productions of Hollywood, they were one of the best video platforms.

However, unlike Amazon, Google prefers to withdraw from the fray in this segment, even surrendering to Netflix, which leads this sector. Netflix has more than 100 million users globally, according to the latest figures from JPMorgan. In Mexico, it leads the offer of streaming platforms. This, even as We Are Social, in conjunction with Hootsuite, reported that the video player website, YouTube, is the second most visited in the nation. Not even with all the Brother Cell Phone List power of the firm they can compete with Netflix and Amazon, so the company announced that it will reject productions with high-end scripts, such as the science-fiction drama “Origin” and the comedy “Overthinking with Kat & June.”This is a shame for those who got hooked on series like this or Cobra Kai itself, one of the biggest hits of the current YouTube direction. And it is that competition in this sense is increasing, but also the demands that are required to succeed, so soon we will also know if Apple hits hard or ends up surrendering after it will announce its first original series.

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This is how YouTube will keep it safe, with the estimated 15 billion dollars in advertising sales it generated last year, without the need for Hollywood-style productions, and will continue with its business: music and games. In the end, this shows that not everyone can compete head-on against the giant’s Amazon and Netflix.“We have a broad and robust YouTube Originals offering, including several original script projects that are still in production. We are expanding our filter of projects in development and actively creating new formats and series with a global vision. We will continue to pursue the growth of our On-Demand Subscription Service business – while opening our model to a global audience through an ad-supported system, which will be available for all of our series and events by the end of this year. We already promote our ad strategy to our clients, and will reveal a robust YouTube Originals offering in the coming weeks. “

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