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Netflix leaves new clues about Evangelion and The Knights of the Zodiac

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Netflix leaves new clues about Evangelion and The Knights of the Zodiac

Anime is one of the genres that Netflix has decided to exploit to the fullest; now leaves new trailers for Evangelion and The Knights of the Zodiac. We know that anime is one of the genres in the entertainment industry that has gained the greatest popularity in recent years, this is something that Netflix understands perfectly and that is why it has decided to exploit it to the fullest. The world of animation is one of the most magical and diverse in the industry, one that in recent years has had a boom; movies, series, advertising. We are talking about a Colombia Mobile Database industry that only at the end of last year represented a market with a value of 259 billion dollars, according to data projected in Statista. The Los Gatos, California company knows perfectly well that it is a market with a lot of potentials, especially if it is committed to anime since this type of series and movie has millions of fans around the world. Since it was confirmed at the end of last year that Netflix would include Evangelion, one of the highly engaging manga and anime franchises, in its catalog, as well as a new version of The Knights of the Zodiac, a lot of expectation was immediately generated.

He has been able to take advantage of this because over the months he has been doing the marketing actions to position these two series, which will serve as a hook to promote new titles that are about to be released. Thus, for example, in the official Netflix account on YouTube for the United States, a new trailer/spot for Evangelion has just been published to announce the release date. In the video of just 30 seconds, a collage of scenes of moments of a lot of action of the Evas with their pilots (Shinji, Rei, and Asuka) is seen to reveal that on June 21 they will arrive on the platform. Meanwhile, on the Netflix YouTube account but for Spain, the subtitled Brother Cell Phone List trailer of the new CGI version of Los Caballeros del Zodiaco (Saint Seiya) was published. As shown in the Latin American account, an introduction is seen of how the Knights of Athena will meet to fight the “Olympian Gods who have sworn to destroy humanity,” according to the synopsis. With more than 139 million subscribers globally, and revenues of more than 15,794 million dollars, the company knows that it has an advantageous position in the video streaming on-demand content industry, however, it is also aware that it is a market that is tightening.

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Hence, he decided to bet on the greatest diversity of genres possible to try to connect with the same variety of audiences, and anime has been one that has been very good for him. Most know Animetflix !, a Facebook group in which all fans of anime series and movies that are in the Netflix catalog can live and interact. The platform has seen in this type of content a perfect way to generate engagement with the public, so we have seen series such as Castlevania (inspired by the video game), Ajin, Knights of Sidonia, Kuromukuro, or The Seven Deadly Sins, are just a few examples . Until appealing to series of long lineage in the genre of manga and anime such as Death Note, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and soon The Knights of the Zodiac and Evangelion. This type of classics has been fundamental to possess other series that are of recent creation and that is not necessarily known by the majority of their subscribers but that, once they know the category for those emblematic series, they may well give others a chance … a formula that has worked for him so far. For this year he has plans for several new series; Kengan Ashura, 7Seeds and Levius, are some in which he already works with marketing actions such as his teasers:

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