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What is Google AMP and how it could transform email marketing

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What is Google AMP and how it could transform email marketing

AMP from Google will convert Gmail emails from simple documents to dynamic website-like experiences. Google owns a 38.2 percent share in digital advertising. AMP will convert Gmail emails from simple documents to dynamic website-like experiences. Lee: YouTube surrenders to Netflix and Amazon. Google does not leave free a possibility for the Bahamas Mobile Database to continue growing. In addition to monopolizing video advertising in the world, through YouTube, as we remember that its share of shares in that segment is 38.2 percent, it wants to expand its power to other areas. To show Alphabet’s announcement a few days ago about a new video game streaming service called Stadia and with it, a turnaround in the way video games are presented.

Now, he finally revealed the long-awaited AMP. These are news specifically for Gmail, but they have the power to transform email marketing . A year ago the firm promised that e-mails would never be the same after AMP entered the lives of consumers, but now it is making it happen. Gmail Product Manager Aakash Sahney noted that: “Over the past Brother Cell Phone List decade, our web experiences have changed tremendously, evolving from static flat content to interactive applications, but email has largely stayed the same with static messages eventually going out of style or just a stepping stone to a new one. more complex task ” That is why the goal of AMP is precisely to convert emails from static documents to dynamic experiences similar to a website.

To do this, the company will use alliances with SparkPost, Litmus, Twilio Sendgrid, and Amazon’s SES and Pinpoint. The number of people who use email in the world reached 3.8 billion in January 2018, which is why email marketing is a prominent option in strategies. Among its advantages is the investment, lower compared to other media or the fair segmentation, with the database to send emails precisely to potential customers, personalize them and thus achieve a stronger connection with them. With the arrival of Google’s new tool, strategies could see even more low-cost options to reach the right audience, changing the way you do email marketing.

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