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5 news in digital marketing, which you should know at this time

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5 news in digital marketing, which you should know at this time

Digital marketing is a subject of work with an important guideline, to generate indispensable insights in the recognition of the consumer. There is a series of data that helps the digital marketer to develop strategies with a better commercial focus because it makes use of proven actions in other markets. The first data is what Netflix offers about its impact worldwide, now that streaming is highly content with the arrival of new platforms like the one Apple Bahrain Mobile Database announced this Monday. There are three figures disclosed by Computer Hoy. In the first one, he warns that during 2018 80 films were released and currently there are 700 series. Two of Netflix’s content talents, Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy, have cost the platform, according to estimates released by Computer Hoy, more than $ 400 million. This data is relevant for any marketer as it is a good starting point for analysis regarding streaming. It has just been revealed through a Kaspersky report that malware has entered these devices as a result of an update to the official Asus software.

This type of incident highlights how important it is for a brand to have a marketing department that manages not only to integrate strategies but also to play an active role in the solutions it offers. The use of maps that geolocate the consumer/user, went from being simple browsing experiences to commercial opportunities for brands. Thanks to this, brands began to advertise their points of sale within platforms such as Google Maps, where they now Brother Cell Phone List seek to expand the experience to search engine users, allowing them to publish their personal events within the platform. This aspect increasingly determines the role that developments in digital marketing are going to play, which allow the integration of brands with the activities of consumers through these platforms. While in the luxury market a promotional strategy that has established itself with great success is to show how their products are made, in the technology market they have followed suit.

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This has been the case with Oppo, which shows in a highly creative way how it creates its new Reno device. With this video, it is clear that an opportunity is opening in digital marketing for technology brands. They will now be able to implement promotional strategies that help the consumer to live the experience of technological products before they reach points of sale. Samsung is the best-selling smartphone brand in the world, surpassing Apple and Huawei, according to Statista, so knowing that it is launching a new store for Apps is a must for any digital marketer to master. The Galaxy Apps store is aimed at this line of smartphones. This bet has made competition in the smartphone market more exquisite, since in this way it is possible to consolidate a premium segment that seeks to compete with Google, by generating greater consumer loyalty for specific services and stronger niches, which are identified by the brand Samsung.

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