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This is how the level of iPad sales has changed since it hit the market

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This is how the level of iPad sales has changed since it hit the market

This year, Apple has renewed its line of products and services in an unprecedented way. At the Apple Event of this day, the Cupertino technology company showed that it can be a step beyond innovation in devices, as it focused on growing its service offering to face the production of content and the user experience via digital. Now, talking about devices, it is not far behind either. A few weeks ago, I presented a new iPad model, the tablet that Bulgaria Mobile Database revolutionized the sector. Without a doubt, Apple is synonymous with hardware and software and how it manages to capitalize on its revenues goes much further. Since 2012, the Cupertino company’s sales have maintained consistent growth. The previous year, it ended with 216 million computers sold, according to Statista figures. Models like the iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone 8 / 8s, and recently the iPhone X, made their sales improve considerably. Although the focus of technology is primarily on mobile devices, particularly the iPhone, the Cupertino, California company also unveiled a new plan to bring the iPad back to greatness.

Aiming to fill a gap between smartphones and laptops, the iPad was a pioneer in the tablet market, as it entered the consumer market in 2010, offering another portable option for consumers. Since its introduction almost 9 years ago, Apple has released more than eight versions of the iPad and has sold more than 403 million units worldwide. In 2016 alone, Apple sold more than 43 million iPads, generating $ 19.2 billion in revenue. In that year, iPad sales accounted for about nine percent of Apple’s total revenue. That’s why it announced a new Brother Cell Phone List iPad Air and a new iPad Mini a week ago, the first in four years. After the iPad became one of the most popular devices in the world (in 2013 it experienced its greatest boom), competitors launched their own tablets, and Apple saw its share decrease to around 60 percent by around 25 percent by the end of 2016. Although Apple is still the world’s leading tablet seller, Samsung is its closest competitor. Thus, the company’s share dropped by around 34 percent, while Android slowly gained market presence.

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Figures for the next few years show a similar trend, with the iOS share expected 23 percent by 2020. Android tablets are expected to hold around 60 percent in that year. Apple Inc. reported revenue and earnings that beat analyst estimates and projected continued sales momentum, easing concerns about demand for the iPhone, its most important product. The company’s revenue increased 16 percent to $ 61.1 billion in the second quarter of 2018. This is the fastest growth in more than two years, as earnings reached $ 2.73 per share, above the analysts’ forecast, who expected sales of $ 60.9 billion and earnings per share of $ 2.64.

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