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Starbucks stands out from Michael Jackson and users do not forgive him

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Starbucks stands out from Michael Jackson and users do not forgive him

Starbucks will no longer include Michael Jackson songs in its playlists as a result of the child abuse allegations. Michael Jackson is perhaps the most influential pop culture figure of the last 50 years, and the power of his brand proves it. However, although we are talking about an image that remains in force, the truth is that it is always related to positive issues and the new position of Starbucks demonstrates this. In recent days, Jackson’s memory has Nigeria Mobile Database been particularly present in the media industry, as a result of the documentary Leaving Neverland, which contains testimonies describing the sexual abuse of minors allegedly perpetrated by the late King of Pop. The accusations and material of the documentary have had the power to put the image of the artist in check, with which various brands have moved away from any element that relates them to said celebrity. Two examples in this regard gave the note this week. The producer of The Simpsons, James L. Brooks, in declarations for The Wall Street Journal affirmed that the episode

“Dad is crazy” (Stark Raving Dad), aired for the first time in 1991, and that included the participation of the singer, would be discontinued. .Added to this was the French fashion brand Louis Vuitton, which would have used references to Jackson’s legacy in its fall-winter 2019 collections, but which this week announced that these products would remain in the cellar to avoid misunderstandings. Backfire for Starbucks? This trend was joined by Starbucks, a firm that reported that it will no longer include songs by the pop star in its playlists as a result of Brother Cell Phone List the accusations of child abuse that the singer’s image now faces. The decision was part of a response that the brand of coffee chains made on social networks to a user who questioned why the firm continued to reproduce the songs of the King of Pop despite allegations of child abuse. Starbucks replied as follows: “Thanks for letting us know. We can confirm that there are currently no Michael Jackson songs on Starbucks ‘ official Spotify playlists. Would you share the location of the store with us so we can follow up?

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”However, what seemed like a move to protect his brand became a reason for criticism from some clients who disqualified him from taking sides in the sex scandal.Let us remember that for consumers it is increasingly important the place where their brands decide to advertise and the content with which they decide to do so, aspects that have a direct impact on their purchase decisions, more when they are related to such sensitive issues as in the case. presented. A recent study by Broadband Genie found that 70 percent of consumers rate ads that appear alongside sexually explicit content as inappropriate, while 69 percent do the same when it comes to racist material, 66 percent about violent issues, and 65 percent with extremist materials. Even when Starbucks tried to get rid of these statistics, the truth is that as a brand, taking a position in sensitive situations must have adequate support, since the consumer is irrational.

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