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In the battle between influencers, celebrities and micro influencers, what is best for your brand?

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In the battle between influencers, celebrities and micro influencers, what is best for your brand?

Celebrity influencers account for 28 percent of annual influencers spend compared to 40 percent for micro-influencers. The influencer marketing industry will be worth 10 billion dollars by 2020 and Instagram will be the platform that will have the leadership, since it is reviewed daily by 400 million users, according to MediaKix .Its main role developed to the extent that strategists believed it would become a primary area of ​​investment in digital marketing. The influencers hoarded advertising strategies during 2018, but the 2019 trend Egypt Mobile Database does not point precisely to consumer confidence in them. The clearest case was starred a few days ago Rawvana, a YouTuber wandering with more than 2 million subscribers (until the moment of publication of this note), whose popularity is due to her food recommendations, was virtualized by eating fish. His credibility was severely affected in a second and with it that of his sponsors, a practice that has been recurrent among influencers in recent months. This makes more and more brands hesitate to join a campaign with the support of figures of this nature.

In addition to this, they are against the fact that 38 percent of consumers would stop following them if they publish content that does not align with their values, personal opinions, and ethics. However, the advantage is noticeable in terms of the reach that its millions of followers offer. Thus, marketing found in micro-influencers (less than 30 thousand followers) an alternative to making the opinion of a figure on social networks more trustworthy, but without making it evident that their millions of followers attracted a park brand to publish paid Brother Cell Phone List content. Natalia Olaso, the content creator, shared at the Digitrends event in Spain, that they provide “greater reliability, interactivity, and engagement with the public.”In Mexico, the example is what Corona is doing. The brewery has a campaign in which they challenge to mention a follower of the Liga MX teams on Twitter, whom users consider their favorite influencer and loyal fan of the most popular squads, such as América, Chivas, or Pumas. Once selected, they are taken to training sessions or the stadium and they post content about their experience. A smart way to remember the brand-football relationship that the brewery maintains.

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Even with the Mexican National Team, as they did in the presentation of the new jersey. The disadvantage is that the reach is not macro, as it is with influencers, that is why for the cases in which the brand needs that reach, but with the confidence that the character will be trustworthy, there are celebrities. The celebrities can be figures or leaders in their segment which in turn have the ability of an influencer, as in the case of Kevin Durant, whose recent series with Alaska Airlines is a brand ambassador, but on paper, celebrity guiding viewers around the world. This practice has the aforementioned advantages, but against it, there is the enormous investment that a brand must disburse to achieve a figure of that size. A study by the World Federations of Advertisers revealed that celebrity influencers account for 28 percent of annual influencer spending compared to 40 percent for micro-influencers.

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