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Fallas on Facebook and Instagram, a wake-up call for entrepreneurs

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Fallas on Facebook and Instagram, a wake-up call for entrepreneurs

It was estimated that those who invested advertising resources in Facebook, as well as the other platforms, lost 83.6 million dollars. A week ago Facebook and its brands (Instagram and WhatsApp) suffered an interruption in their platform; From Entrepreneur it was indicated that this lapse of the ruling, in addition to the problems of the users of the platforms to interact, for the entrepreneurs who use social networks for their businesses, this Ecuador Mobile Database should have been a wake-up call. For some owners, their businesses rely heavily on organic social media posting, so last week’s outage should be taken as a reminder of time-tested business principles. According to Statista, the resources invested in social media for this year will exceed 100 billion dollars worldwide, so there is no doubt that companies lost income with the interruption. And is that for those who pay for advertising, their ads were not reaching potential customers.

In such a way that those who trust to publish in their Facebook groups, on their own pages as well as on Instagram, lost income because they could not use the strategy they have always used. The failures in Facebook lasted around 14 hours, in this space, the titles of the firm weakened by 2 percent, a low impact if we consider the potential of active users Brother Cell Phone List and especially all the advertising efforts on these social networks. Likewise, it was calculated (based on records of advertising revenue) that those who invested advertising resources lost $ 83.6 million. That is why Entrepreneur maintains that there are lessons to be learned. Just like companies relied on SEO before Google started making algorithm changes, it can’t build the foundation of your business on someone else’s platform. In such a way that your marketing plan should not depend too much on the main strategy. A strong marketing plan is mixed in many elements and means; so it does not depend on a single channel or element, and as we have seen, that carries quite high risks.

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Social media marketing is essential because there are thousands of millions of daily users; However, even within the realm of social media, there are different ways of marketing. Although you can pay for ads, publish organically, use Facebook groups, make videos, use chatbots, among others; The reality is that effective marketing happens clearly, that is why you have to know who you want to reach and especially what problems you will solve for that target audience. For this reason, creating a marketing plan that survives interruptions, or worse, if you are going to experience explosive growth, will take more work and long-term thinking.

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