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How to develop data-driven digital advertising without losing sight of the consumer

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How to develop data-driven digital advertising without losing sight of the consumer

Over the last few years, digital advertising has proven to be a favorable bet for brands, so it is now possible to see that firms like Google receive most of their income (95 percent) from this section and that brands continually invest in technologies that allow them to develop advertising from this section, for example, figures reported by WordStream reveal that global spending on augmented reality advertising reached almost 13 billion dollars in 2017. The success and continuous growth that this section experience is due to the massive volume of data produced every day that allows advertisers and brands to target specific audiences with relevant and personalized messages, therefore, it is possible To say that digital advertising is data-driven and dependent on data to present itself as a profitable option for brands, however, as many brands develop Guatemala Mobile Database they continue to experience problems getting results. That is why this time we will see some key points to develop digital advertising based on data in a better way. According to the information referred to Adobe by Joanna O’Connell, an analyst for the firm Forrester Research, to better develop data-based (digital) advertising without losing sight of consumers requires having a good understanding of them, one that allows you to generate personalization in a meaningful and attractive way without becoming creepy. And to achieve that understanding that allows better development of advertising actions, it is necessary to focus on 6 areas that will help to position any company well to provide relevance with its actions, these are:

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To better develop data-driven digital advertising without losing sight of people, it is important that companies understand that on the other side of the screen there are people, real human beings who seek solutions to their problems, needs, and desires. With that in mind, brands need to think about how to create a message that is human and linked to a business objective. As brands, it must be understood that they are always in a unique position to add value to customers, to improve the relationship with these people and reflect that they are understood to be human, brands must denote that they have information to help them, that they can simplify things for them, which have things that they might need, that is, they need to show to some extent that you care about them. For brands, things can be more complicated if they focus entirely on trying to sell or promote Brother Cell Phone List themselves directly and reflect that in the advertising pieces they share with audiences. As the expert puts it, to better develop data-based digital advertising it is not a bad thing to worry about increasing advertising spending, in fact, it is good to have the possibility of being able to measure and optimize to improve this aspect, but at the same time Advertisers and brands need to dig deeper to better understand what’s behind the existing data optimization points derived from research or measurement. Brands must ask themselves if they understand the long-term relationship between consumer and brand, they must also wonder if they understand what happens when optimizing for just one day. Understanding these implications is essential to creating positive experiences driven by customers and their data.

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It is important to remember that a data point is a discrete unit of information, that is, any individual data can be a data point. To avoid problems when developing data-driven digital advertising, brands need to understand that things like over-frequency in targeted advertising occur due to the presence of siled structures, silo thinking, silo behavior, etc. These types of situations create a poor experience for consumers and should be avoided. Today many companies put essential processes in a vacuum that, taken together, can provide more attractive meeting points. For example, they use retargeting platforms and platforms for demand with which they can have two separate advertising frequencies managed simultaneously, however, many firms have no idea how these sections interact, and this causes redundancies and experiences for consumers that are less optimal than they actually could be. The idea, as can be understood at this point, is to eliminate those silos to achieve better results in terms of Customer Experience. According to the expert, in the last decade, the advertising industry has become obsessed with the notion of audience and this has caused an overcorrection when it comes to publisher environments, however, to better develop digital advertising based on data without losing sight of consumers, the pendulum must move towards the context section. If people are watching videos about doggies, you need to ask yourself if they would really be interested in seeing an advertising

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