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Why should your brand pay attention to Tik Tok? 5 things to consider

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Why should your brand pay attention to Tik Tok? 5 things to consider

Digital specialists indicate that the speed at which Tik Tok grows has raised alerts about the possible leading role it could play. The social media market is perhaps one of the most fertile today. Data published by Statista indicates that there are more than 2.6 billion users of social platforms worldwide. Although it is true that Facebook, with more than 2 thousand 320 million users, dominates this field of action, it is also a reality that there are new proposals with good possibilities of becoming leaders in the segment. TikTok is one of them. This social Iran Mobile Database network of Chinese origin that is owned by ByteDance has the main characteristic of creating videos in short format, which emulate the functions that Vine had. This property has benefited after the application acquired, considered its biggest competitor. Digital specialists indicate that the speed at which this space for social interaction is growing has set off alerts about the possible leading role that it may play in the immediate future. Until October last year in Statista, TikTok appeared with about 500 million users, but according to Sensor Tower data, it already has around 800 million worldwide.

These numbers should not be indifferent to brands, which could face a new ally in their complex task of conquering younger consumers. With this in mind, we share 5 things that your brand should consider about the furor that TikTok is generating: The great attraction of TikTok is that it offers its users the possibility to become “artists” for a few minutes and gain reach by sharing their lip sync video with popular songs on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.This ease of creating content for users has led other platforms to try to Brother Cell Phone List copy it, hence Facebook launched Lip Sync Live last year, or like Snapchat launched the Lens Challenges. Through 15-second videos, users seek to become a benchmark within this platform that is growing exponentially in terms of subscribers. In fact, Statista points out that in December 2018 the application added 75 million new users, a surprising increase of 275 percent, compared to the same month of the previous year.TikTok is the second most downloaded application on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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According to Apptopia, through these app stores, the social network added 75 million new users in just one month. With this, Tin Tok ranked second in downloads until November 2018, behind WhatsApp, although ahead of Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. The platform is still in a very early stage of capitalization through the sale of advertising; The platform is profitable thanks to the sale of emojis and digital gifts that users can buy to share with other profiles during live broadcasts. In this regard, user spending on purchases within the same application increased 275 percent between October 2017 and October 2018, according to Sensor Tower. Data from the company itself indicate that 50 percent of users are over 24 years old; 60 percent are women, and just over 40 percent live in first- and second-tier cities. In Mexico, there are currently about 19.7 million users.

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