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What’s the perfect amount of content to post on social media?

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What’s the perfect amount of content to post on social media?

Content marketing is radically changing strategies. Especially on social networks and digital platforms. It is not surprising, since, with the appearance of new technologies, it is natural that it is reflected in new strategies and tactics by specialists and professionals in the sector. In response, experts predict a very profitable scenario for 2019, and beyond. In this regard, it is estimated that the content marketing industry will have a value of 400 billion dollars by the year 2021, according to IAB figures . Being an integral part of the entire marketing sector, the contents are no longer only to improve the presence in social networks but are presented as a parallel project and a complete organic strategy, as a central axis of marketing, and as a central part of any campaign. Currently, brands promote the openness of content. The meaning is focused on the user and the conversations. The reason? The closer the involvement of a consumer with a brand, the better and greater the marketing. Hence the importance of content: it provides an excellent way to have more engagement.

However, due to the same content update, it becomes increasingly difficult to highlight. It is due to this situation that companies take content as a tool to achieve their objectives, rather than a solution to have a digital presence. Sales teams are using content in various ways. However, the act of launching content responds, to a greater extent, to the response of the customer (user). Content marketing strategies impact in ways that can create a unique brand identity. We are in the “era of personalization”, so the contents of the firm must focus on the same line. Consider this section to help you develop a stronger relationship. As long as you work with the Jamaica Mobile Database right content, brands can show users a better projection of their products and services. Thus, a brand will have a content marketing strategy with the main objective of achieving success with the customer, which will ultimately allow it to dedicate fewer resources for growth. What is the perfect amount of content to post? You can take into account what the competition is doing and consider if it is the right level to publish. In that sense, competitor analysis can help establish the amount of content a firm can take. At this point, the content creation team analyzes the audience response and begins to come up with a new programming proposal.

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Thus, the launch of a certain number of products and their response determines production, according to an estimated date. This step is extremely important to optimize your content workflow. Especially in social networks. This is because posting often enough keeps the audience engaged. One of the best ways to scale your content production is to leverage your users. A content calendar is a crucial element, as it works like a map showing how to distribute resources efficiently. Scheduling social media posts allows you to assign tasks and ensure your content Brother Cell Phone List posting runs smoothly. By using tools, such as those offered by websites like Google, you can have a better chance of being relevant, depending on the date. This provides greater clarity about the audience’s response.Social media analytics has certain benefits, such as a better way to measure the results of the content strategy that is being implemented. Knowing the level of success of the contents is part of the metrics on which a strategist should focus since how interactions are developed by type of content is known. On the other hand, it must also be considered that it depends on the platform that is used to determine the content production

.According to a study by HubSpot, posting 5 times a week on Facebook is ideal. If more than that is published, the posts will not be as effective and you will not get the maximum response from the public. However, the fact that it is a useful platform to improve the response of conversations stands out.When it comes to Twitter, HubSpot recommends posting as often as possible. Because it is a source of chronological information, the publication of new content will update users with news and updates, which will help a firm to gain more visibility and interactions. In addition, this platform is useful to join the trends.On Instagram, according to the same platform, the optimal publication frequency is 1 to 2 publications per day. Because many ads converge on this social network, users must know that a brand is active at least daily. The stories can also help improve this section, as first presented chronologically.

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