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Top Ten Email Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

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Top Ten Email Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

 Bermuda Email Lists

Since the Industrial revolution, the world has been getting faster and faster in terms of production. Consumerism has rapidly increased. Everyday, consumers hunger for more, better and faster versions of products. This is why if they are to succeed, if at all survive, companies have to constantly keep up with the world market’s demand. They have to constantly lure them in with beautifully designed and informative advertisements. In addition, they have to do this with the lowest possible costs to maximize their profit. Expanding market base in the lowest possible cost are two challenges all companies have to face.

How Can They Address Both These Challenges?

Email marketing is the most recent of all the advertising mechanisms. Like regular marketing, it involves the best combination of eye-catching graphic designs and witty catch phrases to endorse your company’s product to the market. The only difference is that Bermuda Email Lists can reach a million times more customers than regular marketing can. It also reduces marketing costs a million times more, as opposed to using regular marketing technique. There are several more advantages to marketing via email, but just how exactly can you do that?

Email Marketing Software

One way to market through the email is by using email marketing software. Email Marketing Director is an example of this software. It offers the following benefits:

• It contains a built-in database manages lists
• It segments and filter email lists
• It automatically handles email bounces
• With built-in email newsletter templates and HTML editor, you can easily design your online flyers
• You can also unlimited personalize your email with it
• Monthly fees like email services are not needed.

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Issues of Email Marketing

As much benefits it holds, email marketing also has its disadvantages. Precisely because the company can just send email blasts to whoever they choose to, the issue of permission in the email marketing industry arises.

The common temptation for companies for the more or less absolute freedom that the internet offers is to email their online ads to as many people as they want. After all, the more people who get your ads mobile lead, the more possibility for making money. It’s a free country anyway, and the Internet is technically user-oriented.

However, what of those on the other end? How will they deal with dozens of perhaps useless mail sent to them everyday?

Useless mail can become spam or junk mail. This way, users get to ignore these online ads, but still become subject to some threats like viruses or adware embedded in these ads. Thus, a business must always keep in mind the concept of permission. Businesses can only send ads through email to customers who subscribed or allowed for these email notifications. Otherwise, these ads will just become spam. Other than being potentially ignored, the company could be banned from email marketing for good because countries like the U.S. have anti-spamming laws. The U.S. for instance has the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act).



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